Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 222

While laughing, his tears flowed down uncontrolled as he emotionally said, "Yang'er, Ling'er, can you see this from the heavens? Those who caused your deaths have finally received their retribution! Hahaha!"

Taking revenge!

All these years, he didn't even dare to think of those two words. After all, the other party was the royal family of the Liujing Kingdom, whereas he was merely the general of an enemy kingdom, so how could he kill that dog Emperor and avenge his son and daughter-in-law?

However, he didn't expect that his own granddaughter had the capability to have killed that dog Emperor without anyone knowing!

"Feng'er, you've done well! You deserve to be a member of the Yun family!" The old general gnashed his teeth in extreme anger. "Back in those days, the Emperor of the Liujin Kingdom took a fancy to Ling'er and delusionally wanted us to hand her over! However, your father was a hot-blooded man. How could he allow his own wife to be humiliated by someone else? The Yun Family refused, but in an attempt to get Ling'er, Ye Dong that dog Emperor found an excuse to start a war with the Longyuan Kingdom!"

Right now, as long as he recalled the incident back in those days, the old general's heart was still filled with wrath.

"The Emperor of the Longyuan Kingdom clearly knew that the Liujin Kingdom had initiated a war because of this, and even intentionally allowed Ling'er to follow Yun Yang to fight a battle!"

Yun Luofeng stayed silent for a long while before raising a question, as her hands lightly caressed her chin. "Considering Gao Tu's nature, I'm surprised that he didn't force my mother to remarry."

"Keke," the old general sneeringly laughed. "How could he not have? Based on that selfish personality of Gao Tu, how could he not have tried to force your mother to marry Ye Dong? However, the Yun Family isn't that easy to take advantage of! I can endure other things, but I will absolutely never allow the exchange of a woman's lifetime happiness for peace! If we did that, then why would our country still need men?"

The old general spoke in an extremely angry tone, "Furthermore, I had confidence in your parents! Based on their strength, it was impossible for them to lose the war! Who knew that the incident with Prime Minister Mu would happen afterward? Without Prime Minister Mu divulging secret information, your parents would not have died."

Yun Luo was a man, and even more so a man of indomitable spirit! Therefore, methods such as using a woman to connect by marriage were something he disdained!

In his opinion, countries were to be maintained through brute force, whereas only a coward would sacrifice a woman in exchange for a country's peace. For him, it was impossible for any hot-blooded man to do something like that!

"Grandfather," Yun Luofeng unhurriedly walked towards the old general and lightly laughed, "I've said this before. I will avenge my parents! Those from the Liujin Kingdom would be first, while Mu Xingchou would be second."

Whereas for the third, it would be the Bai Family who protects the Liujing Kingdom's royal family!

"Oh right." The old general seemed to have recalled something all of a sudden and spoke while frowning, "While you were gone, Mu Shen from the Mu Family came to look for you several times. I chased him out with the excuse that you were not at home."

Mu Shen, Mu Wushuang's half-brother! The top playboy son of rich parents in the Imperial City! Half a year ago, he had been bashed by the Yun Family's guards when he tried to make trouble for her on the streets! Later on, she conned him out of 50 million as a medical treatment fee.

However, ever since she went into seclusion, she hadn't seen Mu Shen. Exactly why would he come looking for her now?

While she was thinking, a servant hurriedly walked over and respectfully reported, "General, Miss, the Second Young Master of the Mu Family requests to meet you."

Hearing the servant's report, Yun Luofeng shrugged her shoulders. "We were just talking about him and here he is! Since he's here, then I will meet with him! I want to know why he came looking for me."


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