Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 221

"Grandfather," Mu Wushuang slightly lowered her eyes and her beautiful face looked calm and emotionless, "Yun Luofeng is back now. What should we do?"

"Wushuang, you can rest assured that no one can compete with you for the Crown Prince!" Mu Xingchou slightly narrowed his eyes and said coldly, "I don't care whether the disappearance of the Crown Prince has anything to do with Yun Luofeng or not. I just want the whole world to believe that she has coerced the Crown Prince! As long as people believe it, she will be ruined!"

Mu Wushuang did not say anything, but the resentment in her heart kept springing up like mushrooms and she couldn't stop it.

At the General's Estate, as soon as Yun Luofeng stepped into the foreyard, she heard an angry voice coming out of the hall.

"Yun Xiao," she said, raising her eyebrows, "you stay in the backyard and I'll be there soon."

Since Second Uncle's recovery, she had moved back from the back mountain to the courtyard! So, she naturally asked Yun Xiao to wait for her in the backyard. Looking at her receding figure, Yun Xiao nodded in silence, knowing that Yun Luofeng was trying to allay the old general's anger.
In the majestic hall, a servant was kneeling down on the cold ground, trembling and suffering from the raging anger of the old man. Obviously, the old man was terribly angry. His old face was full of anger, and his eyes shone with ferocity. Beside him, a table was broken into two pieces, and tea was spilled all over the ground. It was totally a mess. Just when the old man was going to break out into cursing, a chuckling sound suddenly came and made him freeze.

"Who offended you when I wasn't here? The first thing I see when I come back is that you are getting mad?"

Her lazy voice was full of flattery. Hearing it, the old man stiffly raised his head and stared in shock at the girl standing at the door.

In the gentle breeze, a girl in a snow-white robe looked at the stunned old man with her smiling dark eyes, her arms crossed over her chest.

"Grandfather, I'm back."

She came back --

Finally, the old man recovered from his shock, and the first thing he did wasn't catching her in his arms to hug her or to say he was happy she came back but swearing.

"You darn girl, tell me honestly, where did you mess around these days? How dare you leave home without notice? Good! You have guts! You really have the G*d-d*mned guts! You are really a granddaughter worthy of me!"

Looking at her furious grandfather, Yun Luofeng cracked a smile.

"I went to the Liujin Kingdom to avenge my parents."

Her words made all the swear words disappear in the old man's throat. He stared at Yun Luofeng for a few seconds without a word and then asked as if he didn't hear it clearly.

"Did you just say you went out to avenge your parents?"

With a slight nod, Yun Luofeng waved away the servant kneeling down on the ground and turned her eyes to her grandfather. "I went to the Liujin Kingdom to find out the people behind my parent's death! Fortunately, I managed to find those people and kill them to avenge my parents."


The old man stumbled and fell heavily on the sandalwood chair behind him. Sitting stock still for quite a while, he then suddenly burst into wild laughter.


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