Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 220

"Yun Xiao, whoever hurt you, I will avenge you!"

She would never allow anyone around her to be hurt!

Yun Xiao looked down at the woman in front of him and showed a faint smile. "I have you and that's enough."

He could give up anybody in the world but her! And, he wouldn't care if anybody in the world had abandoned him. As long as she was with him, that would be enough for him!

Yun Luofeng raised her head that was buried in his chest and cracked a gentle smile. "We have been away for a long time. I think my old man must be really mad at me, and right now what I did in the Liujin Kingdom hasn't been made known to the people of Longyuan Kingdom. I need to go back home before the people of Longyuan find out about these things."

Go home...

How warm were these two words for Yun Xiao who had no family? From this moment on, any place where she was would be his home!

"Ok, let's go home."
The Longyuan Kingdom.

In the hall of the General's Estate, General Yun listened to a servant reporting with a cold face.
The General's mood had been so bad since the heiress left without notice, that all the people of the General's Estate were very careful for fear that the General might vent his anger on them.
"Your... Your Excellency," the servant carefully glanced at the old guy and said meekly, "His Highness the Crown Prince has been missing and Miss left without notice. People are all gossiping that Miss was unwilling to let His Highness Crown Prince marry Mu Wushuang, so she forced His Highness to elope with her in exchange for her treatment of His Highness's disease."


The old man hit the table with rage, which was immediately smashed into two pieces. The teacup on it fell to the ground and the tea spilled all over the floor.

"Who started this rumor?"

The servant swallowed and replied with a shaky voice, "The people of the Mu Family did it."

General Yun had not personally heard the rumors outside, nor did he know how terrible the contents of these rumors were. If he had heard those words, he wouldn't have been able to control his temper and would have killed those people on the spot!

In a word, at the behest of the people of Mu Family, everyone was gossiping about Yun Luofeng and Gao Ling!

All they were talking about was that Yun Luofeng was really shameless. The Crown Prince didn't love her, but she used her treatment as a threat, forcing the Crown Prince to elope with her! The poor Crown Prince must have fallen into Yun Luofeng's hands! Since Yun Luofeng used to stick to the Crown Prince like a limpet, she must have raped him.

Soon, all the women in the Longyuan Kingdom, who loved the Crown Prince, were gnashing their teeth at Yun Luofeng! If Yun Luofeng appeared in front of them, they would surely have rushed forward to tear her to pieces!

At this point, Yun Luofeng, who had just returned to the Longyuan Kingdom, did not know what had happened these days. However, as soon as she stepped into the gate of the Imperial City, she found that everybody looked at her with a strange look. She paused and frowned, but she did not think much of it and went in the direction of the General's Estate...

"What did you say? Yun Luofeng had come back?"

In the Prime Minister's Estate.

Mu Xingchou was in the study discussing some issues with his subordinates. After he heard the reporting of his servant, his face turned grim and he sneered, "I didn't expect that she would have the nerve to come back! This time, I will never let her go!"

Every time Mu Xingchou thought of the humiliation he suffered at the gate of the Imperial City that day, he could not restrain his anger.


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