Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 219

And then...

Her hand slid into Yun Xiao clothes like little snakes, her slender fingers gently stroked his strong muscles, and her touch, like an electric current, made Yun Xiao's body suddenly freeze.

There was a burning desire in his mind, and at this moment he even had the impulse to fling himself on her.

"Take him to bed, take him to bed!"

The one who was most excited about Yun Luofeng's behavior was Xiao Mo in the God Code Space. He almost jumped up, and two lines of tears ran down his face.

This was great! Master finally did something! As long as she and Yun Xiao practiced dual cultivation, her strength would be greatly improved! And then, he would be one step closer to leaving the God Code Space...

Unfortunately, Xiao Mo rejoiced too soon.

Yun Luofeng's palm slipped across Yun Xiao's chest and then was withdrawn, and a wicked smile hovered on her lips.

"Yun Xiao, you have good muscles. How did you get these?"

Yun Xiao frowned. "I don't know. Ten years ago, I was thrown into a mountain forest, and I didn't leave there until three years ago. During those years, I stayed in the mountains and fought with spiritual beasts. I probably developed these muscles at that time." He said this with a cold tone as if he was telling someone else's story. Even when he talked about seven years of nightmarish life, he still kept a straight face.

Yun Luofeng felt a sharp pain in her heart. Though she was called trash, she still had a grandfather who was a general! Over the years, those people didn't dare to hurt her openly.

But those years of Yun Xiao were a sheer nightmare! Ten years ago, he was just a kid under ten without the strength that he had today. She couldn't imagine how he survived seven years. "Yun Xiao, didn't you ever think of leaving there during the seven years?"

He spent the most beautiful seven years of his life alone in the mountains. No wonder this guy was so simple. He was utterly ignorant about love between men and women because no one had ever taught him about this! Those accompanying him in the mountains were only spiritual beasts. How could he know about Chungong Tu?   1 At this moment, Yun Luofeng finally understood why there was a man on this Continent who had no idea what a Chungong Tu was.

To Yun Luofeng's question, Yun Xiao just said, "That mountain forest is called 'No Return'!"
With this name, Yun Luofeng understood what he meant. The Forest of No Return, just like its name, meant nobody would return from it! It was one of the most dangerous places on the Continent!

It was said that the Forest of No Return stretched tens of thousands of miles from the east to the west, across the whole Continent.

More importantly, there were different perils in the Forest of No Return, where the slightest carelessness would make one the food of spiritual beasts. Even if you escaped the hunting of beasts, you might fall into a trap. Even the strong ones of the Continent dared not venture into the Forest of No Return...

"Yun Xiao, who left you there?" Yun Luofeng's eyes shone with a killing intent.

She could hardly imagine how he survived this dangerous environment! And he had been living in that place for seven years! "That man...," Yun Xiao's eyes gradually darkened, "he doesn't deserve to be called a human!"

Yun Luofeng repressed the feeling in her heart and stepped forward to embrace Yun Xiao. She lowered her eyelids to cover the killing desire in her eyes.

  1. Paintings or illustrations depicting sex scenes.


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