Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 216

If the Emperor hadn't had a crush on Bai Ling, there wouldn't have been a war between the two countries ten years ago! Therefore, that woman was exactly a femme fatale who brought calamity to the world. All the casualties were caused by her!

Her daughter should atone for her mother's sin! She was not entitled to revenge Bai Ling's death.
His Majesty did nothing wrong, the one who was to blame was Bai Ling! She let His Majesty have a crush on her! If she had tamely become His Majesty's concubine, would there have been so many casualties?

Those people who had lost their loved ones in the war were particularly angry and even wanted to kill Yun Luofeng to revenge their loved ones.

"A femme fatale who brought calamity to the world?"

Suddenly, a chuckle came from the rear. The crowd turned to look at it only to find that Yun Luofeng had shown up behind them.

She was in a snow-white robe, with a wicked smile on her face and an icy light glimmering in her eyes. She coldly stared at the people swarming around Luofeng Pavilion with her dark eyes. "Yun Luofeng, you finally appear. I thought you would hide like a turtle pulling its head into its shell!" someone sneered in the crowd.

Yun Luofeng turned her eyes to the speaker and gently raised her eyebrows. "Did you just call my mother a femme fatale who brought calamity to the world?"

"Yes, so she was! If it weren't for her, there wouldn't have been so many deaths on the battlefield!"

Yun Luofeng chuckled, her smile full of killing intent, and she gradually moved toward the person in the crowd. "As far as I know, the war arose between the two countries due to the lewdness of Ye Dong! But now, you are blaming her for that?"

"Humph! As the ruler of the country, His Majesty can't be wrong! Besides, he wouldn't have started the war if it weren't for Bai Ling! So, as Bai Ling's daughter, you should kneel down and apologize to the heroes who died on the battlefield."

On this Continent, although women could learn martial arts, the power was held by men! Since men were in power, how was it possible for them to admit that men would make mistakes? Even if the war broke out because of a man's lewdness, they would only blame a woman for that!

Yun Luofeng felt that it was ridiculous. These male chauvinists would always pass the buck! "Ye Dong was fatuous and lewd and even launched a war against the Longyuan Kingdom just for his personal desire. How could you think that it was my mother who did the wrong thing? What wrong had my mother done? She was persecuted by a tyrant and was murdered on the battlefield! What's wrong with me seeking revenge for her?"

"No matter how many people died, I had nothing to do with it! Yes, there were heavy causalities in the war between the two countries, so what? I don't care how many people of your country died. I only know that I will send those who murdered my parents to hell to atone for their sin!"

With her face showing a defiant and unruly smile, and her snow-white robe fluttering in the fierce wind, she looked aggressive and domineering.

"If any of you dare to call her that again, I don't mind using your blood to wash the gate of Luofeng Pavilion!"

She would never allow anyone to insult her parents!

"Hahaha, ridiculous, you are really ridiculous! Yun Luofeng, we are just ordinary people who came to denounce your crime! As a martial master, are you going to kill ordinary people? Aren't you afraid that you will make yourself a laughingstock?"

This was why they dared to swarm around Luofeng Pavilion and provoke Yun Luofeng! After all, Yun Luofeng had been born in a general's family, and she had become an earth-level spirit cultivator! Was she really going to kill a bunch of ordinary people? If she did, the whole world would laugh at her!


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