Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 215

Her knees went weak, and Empress Rong fell to the ground. With a ghastly pale face, she looked out of the palace in despair.

She was finished! This time, she was completely finished!

Outside the palace, a bustling voice rang. After a while, a handsome and cold young man led a group of people to come in from the outside. Waving his hand, he ordered coldly, "Guards! Arrest Empress Rong and her men!"


Seeing this group of people approaching her combatively, Empress Rong finally realized what had happened and screamed, "You let go of me. I'm Empress of the country, the motherly model of the nation! How dare you offend me! I'll have your whole family executed!"

Her hair came loose and fell on her face. She stared fiercely at the guards like a mad woman, a crazed look on her face.

"Take her away!" Ye Ling coldly commanded. From the beginning to the end, he never looked at Empress Rong.

"Ye Ling, you little b*stard, little brute! I knew that I should have killed you and sent you to be with your mother in hell! But in the end, I did not kill you. Now you not only don't appreciate that I spared your life, but are even helping others to hurt me! You're even lower than a beast! What an ungrateful soul!" Empress Rong struggled hard, her face full of hatred, "Little b*stard, you should not be alive in this world! You should have died!"

Ye Ling's eyes darkened. Looking at Empress Rong who was desperately struggling in the hands of the guards, he sneered, "Empress Rong, you can never escape God's retribution for all your deeds. Today you are only getting what you deserve! Well, let me think about how to deal with you. Should I dismember you alive, feed you to the wolves, or cut you in pieces?"

Every time Ye Ling uttered a punishment, Empress Rong could not help but tremble. She finally felt scared, trying to push away the guards holding her firmly.

"Please don't! I realize that I was wrong! Ye Ling, please spare me because I didn't kill you when I could have. I promise I'll never do anything bad again!"

Ye Ling raised the corners of his lips and looked at Empress Rong mockingly, "You mean I should thank you for not killing me? Unfortunately, it's not me who wants you to die! Guards, take her away and put her to death by cutting her in pieces!"


A shrill cry rang through the whole Imperial Palace. However, no matter how hard she fought, she was finally dragged out of the door by two guards.
What happened in the Imperial Palace of Liujin Kingdom spread all over the Imperial City at lightning speed! It was said that the Emperor had lost his power, the Empress was captured, and all the princes were fighting for the throne.

In the end, General Yi led the army to guard the Imperial Palace and quell the rebellion!
Even so, after the ministers and common people of Liujin Kingdom learned that it was Yun Luofeng who had thrown the Imperial City into chaos, they swarmed around Luofeng Pavilion early in the morning.

As if led by some unknown person, all the people began to shout angrily. "Yun Luofeng, Ye Ling! How dare you traitors conspire to murder His Majesty! Come out! That woman Bai Ling was really a femme fatale. She was the cause of everything! If it were not for her, the two countries wouldn't have had a war! So many people wouldn't have died!"

For those who believed that the Continent should be dominated by men, women were to blame for all the tragedies.


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