Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 214

Empress Rong lowered her eyes, and the triumphant smile on her lips grew even wider.

Members of the Bai Family always stuck to the principle that if they were unable to have something, then nobody could have it. If Yun Luofeng refused to leave with the powerful man of the Bai Family, she would probably end up dead!


As if witnessing Yun Luofeng dying miserably, Empress Rong laughed with abandon. Her face looked ferocious, and her demure manner disappeared along with her wild laughter.

"Empress Consort, Empress Consort!"

All of a sudden, an urgent voice was heard, and immediately after a court maid hurried into the palace, panting.

"How's it going?" Empress Rong sat up excitedly. "Is that little b*tch dead?"

In order to find out how miserably Yun Luofeng died, Empress Rong had deliberately sent a court maid that she trusted to stay on the site to report a vivid description of Yun Luofeng's death when she returned.

At the words of Empress Rong, the woman paused and carefully glanced at Empress Rong. "Empress, Yun Luofeng...Yun Luofeng is a low-rank earth-level spirit cultivator, and she even took the risk and disabled Master Bai Ci's arm."

"What did you say?"

The face of Empress Rong changed in an instant, and a malicious light glimmered in her eyes. "Are you sure you're telling the truth?"

Yun Luofeng was a low-rank earth-level spirit cultivator and defeated Master Bai Ci? This was impossible! How could this little b*tch be so skilled?

"Consort, it's true. And after Yun Luofeng defeated Master Bai Ci, Master Bai Su also appeared... "
The court maid had long been trusted by Empress Rong, so she knew a little bit about the Bai Family, though she didn't have a clear understanding, nor did she know that the whole royal family was controlled by the Bai Family.

"Master Bai Su also appeared?" A streak of delight flashed across Empress Rong's eyes, "Was Yun Luofeng killed by Master Bai Su?"

The court maid shook her head and meekly answered, "Consort, it was almost certain that Yun Luofeng would have been killed, but a man who was called Ghost Emperor by Master Bai Su suddenly appeared. Then Master Bai Su was defeated by him and escaped. Also, Yun Luofeng is the master of Luofeng Pavilion..."

The court maid did not know who Ghost Emperor was, but Empress Rong once heard Ye Dong mention this man! It was said that this Ghost Emperor was powerful, blood-thirsty, and almost like the devil himself, so he was called Ghost Emperor.

What devastated Empress Rong was that Yun Luofeng was the master of Luofeng Pavilion!

How ridiculous she was for planning to gift Yun Luofeng to the steward of Luofeng Pavilion and make her his concubine! She even claimed that Yun Luofeng would definitely choose to marry Wu Zhong for his power!

Who would have thought that she was the master of Luofeng Pavilion? No wonder she didn't give a sh*t about Wu Zhong!

As if hearing what she had said that day, Empress Rong shivered slightly and closed her eyes, her face full of despair.

"Queen Consort, something bad has happened!"

As soon as Empress Rong closed her eyes, someone hurriedly stumbled inside and shouted anxiously, "The emperor has been caught. Third Prince led a group of people and intruded into the imperial palace, claiming they would have revenge for Junior General Long Yun of the Longyuan Kingdom and his wife!"


Empress Rong quickly opened her eyes and asked anxiously. "How about Luo'er? Where is Luo'er?"

"Se... Second Prince wanted to run away when he got the news, but he was caught by the men of Third Prince."


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