Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 211

"Young master, this girl is extremely stubborn. Anything you say to her will be useless." Bai Ci pressed against his ceaselessly bleeding arm with a ghastly pale complexion, his hate for Yun Luofeng deepening. 

Bai Su did not look at the old man. As if his body was a breeze, Bai Su suddenly appeared in front of Yun Luofeng with a wicked smile on his lips.

An intense pressure pressed on Yun Luofeng like a mountain, freezing her body. She wanted to resist, but she could not utilize any of her strength. 

It might not seem like she used too many moves against Bai Ci, but in truth, because she overused too much of her spiritual strength, her body was currently very weak! 

Bai Su glanced at Yun Luofeng with a smile and exerted an even stronger pressure on her, vainly attempting to force her to kneel.

The girl's knee did not stop trembling. Under this formidable pressure, she could feel that her legs were somewhat unable to bear this type of force. 


Even though her bones were strained to the point of creaking, she did not allow her knees to bend. Her spine remained straight, and her pitch-black eyes were brimming with determination.

"Girl, as expected, you are not bad." Bai Su glanced at Yun Luofeng with praise, but he did not retract his force and instead increased the strength of his power. "However, I would like to see how long you can last."

This girl's personality was extremely stubborn. If he did not tame her now, he reckoned that it would be difficult for him to use her in the future.

Bai Su released all of the power in his body and directed it all toward Yun Luofeng!

If it was an average person, they would have been crushed by his strength a long time ago. But even now, Yun Luofeng was still bitterly holding on.

Even so, the shaking in her knees grew more intense, and they gradually began to bend...

Watching Yun Luofeng's sweat-ridden back, Qingyan and Ye Ling's eyes were fraught with anxiety.

However, when Bai Su exerted his pressure on Yun Luofeng, he also emitted some excess pressure! And this excess pressure caused them to be unable to move a single step, they could only look on helplessly as Yun Luofeng struggled under such an incredible power. 

Yun Luofeng's body was almost at its limit. Her snow-white face was covered with sweat, and her clothes were completed soaked with sweat and closely plastered to her body.

"Yun Xiao..." she quietly muttered with a smile on her lips as she slightly closed her eyes.

Yun Xiao?

Everyone could hear the two words that she uttered, but they were taken aback, not comprehending who was this Yun Xiao that she spoke of.

At this moment, a heavy aura abruptly struck, closely followed by a black silhouette rapidly dashing toward them like a nightjar, setting off stormy winds in the entire street.


This speed was too fast! The figure was like a gale, and by the time everyone regained their senses, he already reached Yun Luofeng...

At this moment, Yun Luofeng, who was about to fall head first on the ground, suddenly felt an arm extending toward her from behind, and her body landed in a warm embrace

Feeling the man's broad chest, a smile appeared on her beautiful face. "Yun Xiao, I knew it, you came."

After a half-year of interactions, she was already extremely familiar with this man's presence. Hence, it was because she sensed the man's presence that she would relax and allow her body to fall just now... 

"I'm late."

The man pursed his lips, his long black robe billowing in the wind. He tightly held onto the girl in his arms, his entire body emitting his killing intent.


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