Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 210

As to why Yun Luofeng didn't do this from the start? That was because it took some time for her to imbue spiritual energy into the silver needle! Otherwise, a normal needle would be unable to injure Bai Ci's core.

Seeing the veins multiplying on his arm and gradually spreading toward his shoulder, Bai Ci's expression finally changed. 

He deeply inhaled a breath and drew the long sword from a nearby imperial guard, slashing it toward his shoulder without any hesitation.


Blood spurted into the air, the intense pain turning Bai Ci's complexion pale. He staggered back a few steps and forcefully thrust the sword into the ground to support his trembling body.

Seeing the puddle of blood in front of Bai Ci, everyone gasped. Just how much courage was needed for a person to mercilessly chop off his own arm?

"Yun Luofeng!" Bai Ci's gaze slowly turned to Yun Luofeng with malice written all over his face. It seemed like it took all of the strength in his body for him to curse, "You have too many lives on your hands, you definitely won't end well!"

Yun Luofeng smiled. "You were the one who severed your own arm, it had nothing to do with me. Moreover, don't paint yourself so innocent. Who on this continent is completely clean and doesn't have blood on their hands? Are you saying you have never killed anyone?"

"You..." Bai Ci was utterly flustered, "you're twisting my words!"

Perhaps due to losing too much blood, his voice was very weak, as though he would stop breathing at any moment.

Suddenly, a bewitching laugh appeared out of nowhere. This voice carried a trace of flattery as it was slowly heard, "No wonder you are Bai Ling's daughter, so different from everyone else. However, you are much more interesting than your mother."

Yun Luofeng lightly frowned, looking up at the man in the air. After seeing this man, a dangerous glint flashed through her slightly narrowed eyes. 

In the overcast sky, a peerlessly handsome man stood above them akin to a deity descending on earth. His fluttering purple robes revealed an aura of nobility, making everyone unable to directly look at him. 

However, with just a glance, Yun Luofeng could sense that this man was extremely dangerous! Or she should say, someone more dangerous than anyone she had ever encountered before now!

"You know my mother?" Yun Luofeng was silent for a moment before asking.

Bai Su's lips lifted with a bewitching smile. "You want to know more about your mother? If you leave with me, I might tell you."

Yun Luofeng coldly smiled. "You must give me a reason if you want me to leave with you."

The man started to chuckle wickedly, his slender fingers lightly touching his chin as he evaluated Yun Luofeng with interest in his eyes.

"A reason? I'm quite interested in you, is that reason good enough?"

"Apologies." Yun Luofeng glanced at the man. "I'm not interested in you, so this reason won't suffice!"

The young girl's words did not anger the man and instead turned the wicked smile on his handsome face bigger. "Yun'yatou, haven't you discovered that we're two of the same kind? If we join forces, I believe that, in time, this continent will be ours."

"And if I decline?"

"Then I can't guarantee what I will do. Your talent is quite superb. If I had to destroy you, it would be a great pity..."

Further still, this girl truly made him very interested! So he will win her over no matter what!


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