Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 209

From the start, Yun Luofeng had created an illusion for Bai Ci—an illusion where she was incredibly weak and did not possess the power to retaliate. 

It was because she created this illusion that Bai Ci was this careless!


Fury erupted in Bai Ci's mind, his expression became stormy in an instant, a completely different person from that affable elder from earlier. 

The audience sighed. In the beginning, they actually thought Bai Ci was a genial old man, but they did not imagine that this old man would get angry and have such a malevolent expression...

"Yun Luofeng, since you are seeking death, I will help you!"

Bai Ci fumed with hatred between gritted teeth; his face was ferocious like a beast's as he violently pounced on the girl in white.

All the energy rushed into his fist, which weighed a thousand pounds, and even the surrounding air became heavier because of it.

If this fist landed on Yun Luofeng, its consequences could easily be imagined.

A bloody hole would definitely be created in Yun Luofeng's feeble body! Her internal organs would possibly rupture because of this as well. 

Amidst the insane wind created by the fist, the girl, dressed in garments as white as snow, raised her lips in a wicked smile, her pitch-black eyes silently and intently watching the fist arriving in front of her...


Instead of dodging, she met Bai Ci's fist straight on.

Faced with this dangerous scene, everyone's heart momentarily stopped, some people even closed their eyes, unable to bear seeing a girl as picturesque as her covered in blood. 

Was this woman an idiot? Even if she was quite talented, she was still a mere earth-level low-rank spirit cultivator. And yet, she was directly engaging someone from advanced rank, wasn't she seeking death?

As expected...

Met with Bai Ci's powerful fist, Yun Luofeng's body suddenly flew back into the crowd behind her.


Qingyan turned pale with fright, jumping up in an instant and caught the girl's body from the air. Her pretty face was fraught with anxiety.

Yun Luofeng kept spitting blood out, the area around her chest was also fierily stinging. She wiped the blood from her chin, but the more that she wiped, the more that she spat, so it did not cease no matter what. 

"Miss, are you alright?" Qingyan was almost crying from her worry as she tightly supported Yun Luofeng, afraid that the girl would fall the moment that she loosened her hold. 

Yun Luofeng shook her head, so weak that she did not even have the energy to open her mouth. She did not care about much at a time like this, so she took out a spiritual herb from God Code Space and swallowed it.


Suddenly, a shrill scream was heard, making everyone who was originally focused on Yun Luofeng to turn their line of sight to Bai Ci. 

Bai Ci staggered back a few steps and furiously roared with a livid expression, "What did you do to me?"

Several veins popped out on his arm, as though countless worms were roaming in his arm. Veins covered the entire length of his arm, hideous and terrifying. 

Yun Luofeng cleaned the blood from her mouth and slowly stood up, smiling wickedly. "I already told you that it's not that easy to kill me! Even if I can't kill you right now, I can still remove one of your arms!"

She was willing to eat everything except for a loss 1

The moment that Bai Ci aimed his fist at her, she used a spiritual attack to make him momentarily lose his attention, and then she hid a silver needle in her chest as fast as she could. In other words, Bai Ci's fist happened to land right on the silver needle, causing the needle to pierce into the back of his hand.

  1. In Chinese, the phrase "suffer a loss" is "吃亏," which literally translates to "eating a loss."


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