Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 202

"Fortunately, His Majesty discovered her plot, or else our whole nation will suffer! The devil should be cut into pieces as a warning to all of our enemies!"

"Kill her, kill the devil! Those attacking Liujin Kingdom must die!"

Listening to the people's shouting, Ye Dong secretly sneered. Glancing at the expressionless Ye Ling with harsh eyes, he said coldly, "Don't you hear that? So many people want her to die, which proves that she did commit a terrible crime! Ye Ling, since you are my son, I can exonerate you. Now get out of the way!"

Ye Ling, who stopped the furious Qing Yan, glanced at Ye Dong ironically. "So many people want her to die, which proves that she did commit a terrible crime? That's ridiculous! Isn't it because you framed her that to incite these people? Father, I have never seen such a shameless man like you."

Ye Dong's face darkened. "Ye Ling, how dare you speak with your father like this? However, though you aren't filial to me, I'll still treat you as my son! How about this? If you like the girl standing next to you, I'll allow her to be your concubine. As for your legal wife, I've already chosen one for you. She is Rong Yue, the niece of Empress Rong."

Ye Ling released a chilling aura and his eyes turned icy.

"It's none of your business. I will marry no one but Qing Yan! As for Rong Yue that you've just mentioned, you can keep her for your own enjoyment."

"How dare you!"

Ye Dong looked fierce, glaring at Ye Ling furiously. "You are a prince of the royal family and the vice-master of Luofeng Pavilion, while this woman is just a maid of Yun Luofeng! How can you abandon yourself like this! By marrying a servant girl, you're only disgracing the royal family! I will not allow this to happen! Also, I know this Luofeng Pavilion was founded solely by you. You can hand it over to me rather than give it to some stranger."

With his last words, Ye Dong's greed was completely exposed.

After pondering for a long time, it finally dawned on him. 

As Ye Ling's father, no matter what he ordered, Ye Ling would listen to his words since he has to be filial to his father.

What's more, he found out that Luofeng Pavilion was built by his son. As for the so-called master, not once did he show up. Maybe he doesn't even exist. Then, it would be totally justifiable if he managed Luofeng Pavilion on behalf of his son. 

It was because Ye Ling was born because of him!

Suddenly, a chuckle was heard from Luofeng Pavilion, which was fraught with mockery, making Ye Dong's complexion change in an instant.

"I didn't expect that my Luofeng Pavilion is being coveted by so many people. I just got rid of Wu Zhong and here comes another one. As the saying goes: birds of a feather flock together. Your 'gangster logic' is exactly the same as Empress Rong's."

That day, Empress Rong went to the Second Prince Estate and ordered Ye Ling to hand over the estate in exactly the same tone!

Now Ye Dong did just that! Both of them were so shameless!
"Yun Luofeng!"

Seeing the girl in white stepping out of the threshold, Ye Dong's face suddenly fell and commanded coldly, "Guards! Capture this woman!"

The imperial guards obeyed his order and quickly approached Yun Luofeng.

Gazing at the advancing guards, the girl lazily leaned against the door and a haughty and unruly smile appeared on her face.

"You want to capture me with these people? Aren't you overestimating your imperial guards? The collective strength of these people is no match for my maid..."


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