Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 201

That girl was way more interesting than her mother...

Stroking his chin with his slender fingers, Bai Su cracked a grim smile and slightly narrowed his eyes, which were filled with interest.

Empress Rong, trying to restrain the dissatisfaction and anger in her heart, said respectfully, "Master Bai, you can rest assured. I will bring Yun Luofeng to you."

Feeling the hatred in her heart, Bai Su sneered, "I don't care how much you hate this girl, now she's useful to me! So I don't want you to act impulsively without due consideration; otherwise, you'll see what I'm capable of doing!"

Empress Rong shivered slightly, hurriedly restrained the emotion in her heart and lowered her eyes. "I dare not..."

"I hope you fulfill your words."

Bai Su raised the corners of his lips. "Empress Rong, remember my words: if I find that you want to betray me, it won't be difficult for us to destroy the entire Luo Jin Kingdom!"
Luofeng Pavilion.

On the soft couch, the girl was resting with her eyes half-closed. Just then, there came a loud noise from the outside.

Having her rest disturbed by the noise, she felt a little irritated. Raising her eyebrows, she asked, "What's the matter? Why is it so noisy outside?"

"Master," hearing Yun Luofeng's question, Fang Yu hurriedly replied, "I'll go check what's going on out there."

Fang Yu was the steward she recently promoted. Though his strength was not as strong as Wu Zhong's, he was very smart and sensible, so Yun Luofeng was quite satisfied with him.

"No," said Yun Luofeng, getting up from the soft couch and gently smiling. "I'll check it out myself."

Luofeng Pavilion was not located amidst the bustling place of the Imperial City, but there were still a lot of people living around it.

At this moment, the people in the street were standing at a distance, and pointing at and whispering about the imperial guards that were surrounding Luofeng Pavilion.

Only those in power knew how powerful Luofeng Pavilion was! The ordinary people at the bottom of the society had no idea of their strength! In the eyes of these people, only the royal family was the ruler of the world.

Therefore, they were all wondering just what kind of major crime had the Luofeng Pavilion committed that even the emperor of the royal family came to personally arrest them!

In reality, coward as he was, Ye Dong was unwilling to go to this place in person! However, Master Bai ordered him to come here, so he had no choice but to seize them himself, no matter how frightened he was.

What's more, he was slightly confident in his heart, as he believed that his son would never do anything untoward to him!

While Ye Dong was thinking of this, to his pleasure, he caught a glimpse of Ye Ling stepping out of Luofeng Pavilion. He coughed dryly and put on a harsh face as usual.

"Ling'er, I come here today to catch Yun Luofeng who is a spy of our enemy! How daring is this Yun Luofeng for wanting to kill all the people of our Luo Jin Kingdom, including those innocent ones! Therefore, for the sake of all the people in this kingdom, I must arrest this woman today!"

He who had a mind to beat his dog would easily find a stick. As the emperor of Luo Jin Kingdom, every single word he spat out counted and people of this kingdom would naturally believe him.

Sure enough, hearing the words of Ye Dong, the crowd of spectators got furious, as though Yun Luofeng was a villain who would kill without batting an eye.

"Who is this Yun Luofeng? How dare her plan to destroy Luo Jin Kingdom and eliminate its people? Isn't she afraid that the ghosts of the victims will come after her at night?"


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