Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 200

"Are you threatening me?" He raised the corners of his lips dangerously, leaned back against the chair lazily, and raised his eyebrows wickedly. "Rong Xin, you seem to forget that though you are afraid of Luofeng Pavilion, Bai Clan is not! And don't forget, the imperial family is just a dog to us. What makes you think you can threaten me?"

Empress Rong's heart missed a beat. How could she forget that though no ordinary person dared to offend Luofeng Pavilion, it was vulnerable in the face of the colossal Bai Clan, no matter how strong it was.

"Master Bai, I... "

She was a little nervous, trying to explain something but was interrupted by the icy voice of the man, "The poor little thing Bai Ling is also a Bai. Unfortunately, she is not a member of our family! My motto has always been that if I cannot get this woman, then nobody can! That's why I helped you kill her!"

Though the man looked roughly 20, he addressed Bai Ling as 'the poor little thing', which sounded very strange.

"But..." Bai Su paused and his sinister eyes turned to Empress Rong. "You are really no match for Bai Ling. It's not surprising that Ye Dong admires her. Thus, you got so jealous that you begged us to help you kill her."

Empress Rong's face turned ghastly pale, and her envy toward Bai Ling popped up from her mind again.

Everyone thought she was no match for Bai Ling, but what did she have aside from that bewitching face? Why did everyone praise her so?

She just couldn't bear the existence of that flirt! However, despite of that vixen being dead, she was still haunting her by sending her daughter here!

Sure enough, both the mother and the daughter should stay in hell! No one was allowed to challenge her position.

"Rong Xin, we allow Ye Dong make you the empress because you are not smart enough! A smart woman will end up just like Empress Yi!" Bai Su smiled evilly. "But, I didn't expect you to be so stupid!"

Threatened him?

Never in his life had anyone dared to threaten him.

It was as though Bai Su was reminding Rong Xin of the past by mentioning Empress Yi, her face turned pale.

She bit her pale lips, her eyes full of shame and resentment.

To a powerhouse like Bai Clan, the royal family was just their puppet! A puppet didn't need to be smart!

A smart puppet would only annoy its master.

Therefore, a smart woman like Empress Yi was overthrown and driven into Cold Palace by Ye Dong and died due to depression.

"But Master Bai," intoned Empress Rong, rolling her eyes, "Ye Ling is very smart, and all the ministers don't want His Majesty to make my son the crown prince but choose to support Ye Ling."

"That doesn't seem to be your business," said Bai Su, his eyes turning icy. "Remember, don't mess around with something that's none of your concern. Bai Clan doesn't need you to tell us what to do."

Feeling the murderous intent behind the man's voice, Empress Rong had cold feet and broke out in a cold sweat.

She bit her lip and said nothing, for fear that with one more word, the horrible man before her would kill her immediately!

"I suggest you ask Ye Dong to solve the rift between you and the Yun Clan of Longyuan Kingdom. If he failed, I will send a person to help you!" Bai Su rose slowly from his chair and glanced at Empress Rong wickedly. "On the condition that you bring Yun Luofeng to me. I am very interested in that girl."


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