Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 199

"Then what do you want?"

Gnashing his teeth, Wu Zhong was thinking wildly, trying to figure out his next possible move.

Chuckling, Yun Luofeng trampled Wu Zhong's chest harder and said coldly, "Of course...I want you to pay the price of your treachery!"


As the girl's foot came crashing down sharply, Wu Zhong's chest immediately caved in, and then a shrill sound revibrated throughout Luofeng Pavilion, like a whimper of a wild animal.

"Ye Ling, he has been disabled. Now throw him out of Luofeng Pavilion and leave him to fate!"

Her kick broke all of his ribs and completely destroyed his dantian, turning him into a real trash!

Curling up and trembling, Wu Zhong looked at Yun Luofeng with hatred, malice, and fear from the depth of his heart.


He feared Yun Luofeng!

The girl was powerful and decisive, who would haunt him like a nightmare until he died!

"Yes, Master."

Ye Ling showed obeisance and responded respectfully, and then with an expressionless face, he walked to Wu Zhong, who couldn't get up from the ground.

"Wu Zhong, you're unlucky to fall into the hand of my master. How dare you offend her with silly words? You should thank Master for not having you cut into pieces. Now you can have fun outside!"

Just now, Ye Ling felt he was indeed lucky.

Fortunately, six months ago, Yun Luofeng was short of subordinates. Otherwise, he would have been killed a million times over for helping the emperor of Longyuan Kingdom to plot against her!

"Qing Yan, I'm tired. Let's go back and take a rest."

Yun Luofeng yawned lazily, and slowly retracted her foot from Wu Zhong.

She believed that Ye Ling would execute her order well.
Imperial Palace.

In a magnificent and luxurious palace, Empress Rong sent all court maids away and asked her trusted subordinates to guard the entrance. After she finished doing this, a cold laughter suddenly came from behind the door and made her quiver with fear.

"That Yun really interesting."

Empress Rong's face changed and turned her head towards the handsome man, who suddenly appeared behind her and was leisurely sipping his tea.

"Master...Bai, please help me, "Empress Rong bit her lips, looking at him with pleading eyes. "The daughter of that bitch—Bai Ling—is coming after me. I implore you to help me. Now she has managed to have Luofeng Pavilion stand by her side. If she finds out that it was me who killed Bai Ling, she wouldn't let me go."

Bai Su glanced at her wickedly and said indifferently. "Since you got yourself into such trouble, how can you expect someone else to clean after your mess for you? Where was the resolution you had when you killed Bai Ling? Why don't you just bring it out?"

Greatly dismayed, Empress Rong thought desperately, "If Bai Su refused to help her, then she would be doomed this time!"

Who would have thought that the bastard Ye Ling was the vice-master of Luofeng Pavilion? The master of Luofeng Pavilion must be blind to make the idiot Ye Ling vice-master.

This position should belong to her son!

"Don't forget, Master Bai, your family were involved in the murder as well. Without your aid, it would not be possible for me to kill Bai Ling!" Empress Rong threatened. In any case, she couldn't let Bai Clan get away with it!

Bai Su's eyes darkened, and he suddenly cracked a smile that was so charming and touching that people would get mesmerized by it.


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