Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 198

In the gentle breeze, the girl in snow-white dress looked incredibly beautiful.

She looked so arrogant and unruly as if she didn't give a damn about any rule. A wicked and cruel smile showed on her breathtakingly beautiful face, her dark eyes full of contempt, she was just a wild horse that nobody could tame.

Perhaps it was the girl's eyes that spurred Wu Zhong for he suddenly exploded with great power. He dashed at Yun Luofeng, who was standing not far away, like a sharp sword.

The girl was motionless, her hands folded at her back, her face showing a lazy yet cruel smile, and her waterfall-like black hair fluttering in the breeze.

Her posture showed that she never took Wu Zhong seriously! Wu Zhong was so offended by the contempt on her face that he attacked more fiercely, trying his best to kill her!

Didn't you say I couldn't even touch your clothes? Now I would show you my true strength.

Wu Zhong smiled insidiously and reached out his hook-shaped hand to strike at Yun Luofeng's chest, the sinister smile on his face grew wider and a vicious light burst out of his eyes.


Just when Wu Zhong thought he could grasp Yun Luofeng's heart with his hand, the girl lightly moved her body like a breeze passing by and easily dodged the attack.

Then, before Wu Zhong could come out of his astonishment, a leg collided hard against his stomach in front.


He fell on his buttocks once again in extreme humiliation, feeling as though his buttocks were no longer his.

"Do you want to be the master of Luofeng Pavilion?"

Yun Luofeng slowly walked forward, stepped on his chest, and looked down at him condescendingly. "If you haven't given up, I can still give you one more chance. Unfortunately, you simply couldn't touch my clothes."

The girl's voice was arrogant and domineering, her dark eyes full of contempt.

"What, what's your real strength?" Wu Zhong bit his lips and asked, looking aghast.

At this moment, he was desperate! Who would have thought that a fourteen-year-old girl could possess such strength?

Empress Rong was to blame!

If it were not for her, he would not have offended Yun Luofeng and would not suffer at her hands!

"You don't deserve to know my real strength."

Cracking a smile, Yun Luofeng lowered her eyes to look at the middle-aged man beneath her foot and said wickedly, "Wu Zhong, I won't tolerate treachery. You colluded with the imperial family despite knowing that they were Ye Ling's enemies. Just because of this, I will not forgive you."

Wu Zhong shuddered and desperately closed his eyes.

Yes, though he didn't know Ye Ling was the third prince of Liujin Kingdom, he could see how much the young man hated the imperial family. However, he still betrayed Ye Ling and colluded with the imperial family.

In fact, from the very beginning, Wu Zhong didn't take Ye Ling seriously because he thought that the current status of Luofeng Pavilion's was due to his sole contribution. In that case, he really didn't have to give up a peerless beauty just for Ye Ling!

However, he had never expected that this peerless beauty was actually a poison that he could not touch!


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