Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 999 - Preliminaries (1)

Chapter 999: Preliminaries (1)

“His Majesty and Imperial Consort arrives!”

Following the eunuch’s pointed voice, Long Yuan and Noble Consort Ling appeared before everyone…

Long Yuan was still dressed in dragon-robes, looking majestic.

Noble Consort Ling had a wide smile while her beautiful eyes contained a gleaming reflection of beams of sunlight, and nothing more beautiful could be imagined.

“Everyone, today marks the second round of Inter-kingdom Tournament held by the Tianhui Empire, the Martial Arts Tournament!” Long Yuan flung his sleeves and seated while his sharp gaze looked around. “The rules of this competition shall be explained by General Li.”

After speaking, a middle-aged man with strong build quickly walked out. His expression was austere and his voice was stern.

“The Martial Arts Tournament is separated into preliminary, semi-final, and final stages!”

General Li cleared his throat and continued. “The details of the preliminaries are very simple! In a while, I will transfer you into an illusionary realm. There are countless spiritual beasts in there and your task is to kill those beasts!”

“Spiritual beasts below earth-level are counted as one point, earth-level as two points while sky-level as three points… so on and so forth. Teams that accumulate a total of five hundred or more points can successfully enter the semi-finals and those without sufficient points are eliminated!”

“Furthermore, in the illusionary realm, if you were to experience death, you would be transported out! Therefore, there’s no need to worry about your personal safety.”

His words implied that death in the illusionary realm wasn’t truely death but instead, represented failing the task and the person would be transported out of the illusion.

“However,…” General Li paused for a moment before continuing, “a death in a team represents the failure of the entire team. I hope that some people will not cause their entire team to fail.”

When he said those words, everyone in the venue turned towards the Steel and Raging Flame corps in succession. In their eyes, these people were a liability.

General Li’s sharp gaze swept across everyone as he sternly spoke, “The duration of this tournament will be seven days. After seven days, all of you will be forcefully kicked out of the illusionary realm. I wish everyone here good luck.”

After speaking, he turned and bowed towards Long Yuan. “Your Majesty, I’ve finished explaining the rules. After this, I will be initiating the illusionary realm.”

“Begin.” Long Yuan waved his hands and sternly spoke.

His imposing gaze unconsciously looked towards Yun Luofeng among the group and a cold glint flashed through his narrowed eyes.

Yun Luofeng had obtained the championship of the Physician Tournament and this time around, regardless of anything, she could not be allowed to continue winning!

The matrix activated and all the participants entered into the illusionary realm.

Meanwhile, in the skies above the matrix, a few numbers with capital letters suddenly appeared. Above those numbers were each Kingdom’s name.


In the illusionary realm, Xiao Mo seemed to sense Yun Luofeng’s disturbed state of mind and he couldn’t help but ask. “What happened?”

Yun Luofeng regained her thoughts and faintly spoke. “The number of matrices that this Tianhui Empire wields are too many. Furthermore, I sense that this matrix and the one I inherited from Jue Qian is of different methods leading to the same result….”

“So, you’re guessing that Jue Qian might be somehow related to Tianhui Empire?” Xiao Mo frowned and asked.

Yun Luofeng shook her head. “It might not be Jue Qian. Have you forgotten that he once had a disciple who rebelled?”

That day, his disciple had threatened their lives and it was a fragment of Jue Qian’s soul that saved them!

Yun Luofeng eyes flickered. Regardless of what relation the Tianhui Empire has with Jue Qian, they were destined to be enemies!


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