Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 998 - Xiao Yuqing (2)

Chapter 998: Xiao Yuqing (2)

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Xiao Yuqing stared blankly and shook his head. “This wasn’t your fault, and I’ve… never blamed you.”

Perhaps, Xiao Yuqing’s mother would never expect that after painstakingly sending away Xiao Yuqing, intending for him to avenge her, he was trapped by his feelings and had even forgotten about taking revenge.

“I have something going on so I’ll be leaving.” Xiao Yuqing slowly turned and left in haste. He was afraid that if he stayed, the yearning he had for many years would uncontrollably flow out…

He was even more afraid of seeing her loathing expression!

“Master,” Huohuo looked in the direction of Xiao Yuqing’s departure and blinked. “Is he in love with you?”

Yun Luofeng shook her head. “I’m not deeply acquainted with him and furthermore, even if he didn’t come looking for revenge for his parent’s incident, he wouldn’t have any feelings for me.”

The reason being, she was the enemy who killed his parents.

Huohuo pouted. It seemed like there was only Yun Xiao in her Master’s heart, so even though this Xiao Yuqing had displayed his feelings in such a glaringly obvious way, she didn’t notice it in the slightest.

“Master, this Xiao Yuqing looks handsome but unfortunately, he’s not even half of Yun Xiao. With Yun Xiao by your side, you would naturally not put anyone in your eyes.”

Yun Luofeng laughed. “Why? Are you interested in Xiao Yuqing?”

Huohuo’s face blackened. “His personality isn’t what I’m fond of and I wouldn’t be interested in him.”

“The do you have anyone you’re interested in?” Yun Luofeng looked at Huohuo while seemingly smiling yet not smiling.

Huohuo froze for a moment and a refined silhouette suddenly emerged in her mind.

Maybe she was afraid of Yun Luofeng seeing through her inner thoughts, she hastily turned while blushing. “No, there’s no one.”

Because, the person she liked was no longer in this world…

Huohuo’s eyes dimmed while agony could be seen across her face.

That person… had perhaps reincarnated many times and discarded her from his memory…

Yun Luofeng did not continue asking as she stretched her waist and walked into her room.

“It’s quite late and I’ll be taking a rest. The tournament will be continuing tomorrow…”

The next day, in the early morning.

An elevated stage was established in the venue and there was a vast crowd. One could see a densely packed group of people watching. The crowd that was originally noisy became even more lively when their emotions were worked up after seeing people from the Tianyun Kingdom.

“It’s Yun Luofeng. I heard that she obtained first place during the Physician Tournament!”

“Tsk, so what? Being skilled in medicine doesn’t mean her martial arts are also strong.”

“I guess you are unaware. The other day, an envoy from the Lanxiang Kingdom went to the Tianyun Kingdom to pick a fight and he was kicked flying by Yun Luofeng! Yesterday, the prince from the Lanxiang Kingdom, Qiu Feihua, went looking for trouble and had the same ending! I guess Yun Luofeng’s martial arts are also very strong.”

“So what if she’s strong? Those people under her are merely sky-level cultivators. This tournament doesn’t rely on individual capabilities but instead an entire team’s skills. If there’s one person who drags their feet on the team, they’ll lose without a doubt.”

Everyone started debating and a group of people believed that Yun Luofeng would continue creating miracles. However, even more people weren’t optimistic about the Tianyun Kingdom!

Although Yun Luofeng was strong, there were too many liabilities on her team. Even if the Tianyun Kingdom wasn’t ranked at the bottom this time, they had no affinity with the front rankings…

Seemingly not hearing these debates, the Steel and Raging Flame corps expressionlessly followed behind Yun Luofeng.


Before they came to the Land of No Return, they swore that they would never be a liability to their Lord!

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