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Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 996 - Liu Chenyi’s Regret and Despair (5)

Chapter 996: Liu Chenyi's Regret and Despair (5)

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Ge Yang faintly smiled. “I was the referee for the Physician Tournament and since the tournament has ended, I am here to hand out the rewards.”

“Oh, so that’s the case.” Qiu Feihua caressed his wildly beating heart and approached while chuckling. “Great Master Ge Yang, who’s the champion of this tournament? Which genius of the three great empires has won?”

Ge Yang gave Qiu Feihua an odd look. “I’ve already said that I came here to hand out the rewards, yet you’re asking me who’s the champion?”

Qiu Feihua froze and was at a loss as he asked in confusion, “Great Master Ge Yang, are you at the wrong place? This is the Tianyun Kingdom’s courtyard and the other two great empires aren’t staying here.”

“I didn’t walk to the wrong location,” Ge Yang’s expression darkened as he spoke somewhat impatiently, “The champion for this tournament is Yun Luofeng from the Tianyun Kingdom!”


Similar to a direct lightning strike, this caused Qiu Feihua’s beaming face to be petrified.

The tournament champion?

Yun Luofeng?

This was impossible. The Tianyun Kingdom has been a bottom-ranked existence for over a thousand years, so how could they obtain the championship in the Physician Tournament?

“Great Master Ge Yang… have you… made a mistake? It’s impossible for the Tianyun Kingdom to obtain the championship, and only geniuses from the three great empires have such abilities!” Qiu Feihua swallowed his saliva while his back became soaked with cold sweat and even his teeth were trembling.

He was unable to link Yun Luofeng together with the champion!

Ge Yang coldly swept a glance at Qiu Feihua. “On this matter, I’m afraid Liu Chenyi from your Lanxiang Kingdom knows better. He wagered with Miss Yun that upon losing, the loser would cripple one of their arms! Before you question me, you better visit Liu Chenyi first.”

Qiu Feihua staggered and nearly fell down.

Liu Chenyi being injured wasn’t because Yun Luofeng lost and flew into a rage out of humiliation, thus injuring him? Instead, it was because of a wager between them?

Suddenly, he angrily turned towards the guards behind him and furiously shouted. “You were aware of the actual situation so why didn’t you tell me the truth?”

Thinking of his earlier actions, Qiu Feihua wished he could find a hole and hide in it, as it was better than making an exhibition of himself here.

Those few guards experienced unspeakable bitter suffering. They had wanted to inform His Highness a moment ago, yet they were interrupted by him. As they were afraid of provoking him, they didn’t dare to utter another word.

However, who knew His Highness would shift the blame to them?

“I’ll settle this with you when we return,” Qiu Feihua fiercely spoke, then turned towards Yun Luofeng and snorted, “Don’t assume that obtaining champion in the Physician Tournament will mean the rise of your Tianyun Kingdom! If you lose in the two subsequent tournaments, you are still a bottom-ranked existence. Let’s go!”

He forcefully flung his sleeves and led a group of guards while leaving in haste like a stray dog, without the airs they had initially when rushing in. …

When Qiu Feihua returned to the Lanxiang Kingdom courtyard, his first agenda was to get even with Liu Chenyi. If it weren’t for him, he wouldn’t have made a fool out of himself in public.

Whereas Liu Chenyi who had one of his arms crippled was unfortunate as he also had to face Qiu Feihua venting his anger on him…

At this moment, he felt regret in his heart and even more endless despair!

In contrast, Yun Luofeng returned to her room under everyone’s watchful eyes. Soon after that, she closed her doors, declining all visits to preserve and nurture her spirit for the tournament tomorrow.


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