Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 995 - Liu Chenyi’s Regret and Despair (4)

Chapter 995: Liu Chenyi's Regret and Despair (4)

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Qiu Feihua’s words caused the people surrounding him to be stumped for words and a trace of embarrassment flashed through their faces.

He did not witness the Physician Tournament and instead, enjoyed himself without restraint at a brothel today. After hearing about Yun Luofeng injuring Liu Chenyi when he returned, his rage suddenly overflowed and rushed over. Thus, he was still unaware of the situation regarding the tournament…

“Your Highness, the Tianyun Kingdom…” A bodyguard dreaded that Qiu Feihua would continue losing face. However, just when he tried to inform him of the tournament’s results, he was impatiently interrupted by Qiu Feihua.

“What about the Tianyun Kingdom? After offending our Lanxiang Kingdom, it’s impossible to continue surviving! I guess that Liu Chenyi must have beat Yun Luofeng during the tournament, resulting in her flying into a rage out of humiliation and wanting to kill! If you’re a sore loser, you shouldn’t come to the Inter-kingdom Tournament to lose face!”

Those guards who were originally aggressive were ashamed after hearing Qiu Feihua’s words and wished they could find a hole to burrow in. Only those guards who had accompanied Qiu Feihua to the brothel were unaware of the situation. They were holding their heads up high and sticking their chests out while arrogantly standing beside Qiu Feihua.

Ye Ximo was flabbergasted. He blinked his eyes as his face revealed a perplexed look.

Was this Qiu Feihua an idiot? To actually claim that his sister-in-law lost to Liu Chenyi and injured him after flying into a rage out of humiliation?

“Liu Chenyi asked you to avenge him, but could it be, he didn’t inform you of the results?”

He didn’t restrain himself and asked the question he had in his heart.

“What results?” Qiu Feihua snorted. “I am clear about that even without his explanation! Yun Luofeng, if you’re a sore loser, you should return to your mom and ask for some milk. Stop making an exhibition of yourself here. Haha!”

Qiu Feihua laughed maniacally.

However, out of the troops from the Lanxiang Kingdom, only a few laughed together while the others were so awkward that they wished they could die. In such a situation, how could they laugh?

Making an exhibition of oneself?

I’m afraid the person making an exhibition is yourself, alright?

However, Qiu Feihua was still their Lord, so they did not dare to reveal their unhappiness.

Gradually, there were quite a number of people surrounding Yun Luofeng’s courtyard, and some had participated in the Physician Tournament. After hearing Qiu Feihua’s words, they couldn’t help but laugh.

“What are you laughing about?” Qiu Feihua frowned and icily looked towards those who laughed while fiercely speaking, “Don’t tell me what I said was wrong? Yun Luofeng is a sore loser and the Tianyun Kingdom is an existence that has been ranked at the bottom for a thousand years!”

All of a sudden, a sharp gust of wind attacked and after Qiu Feihua recovered his senses, he saw a foot approaching…

His eyes abruptly opened wide, and just when he was about to curse in rage, that foot kicked him flying at lightning speed with a bang. His body fell on the ground in a sorry mess while just happening to land before a pair of feet.

“Tsk tsk, youngsters nowadays sure are violent!”

Qiu Feihua, who had a bellyful of anger, was suddenly agitated and angry after hearing this aged voice so he rained down curses without restraint. “An old man from who knows where, scram! Otherwise, be careful or else I’ll…”

He rapidly got up and turned around, wanting to continue cursing the old man before him. However, a familiar face entered his view and caused his eyes to go wide with alarm.

“Otherwise what?” Ge Yang faintly smiled and kindly asked.

The old man’s kind smile caused Qiu Feihua’s heart to tremble, shocking him so that he nearly cried.

“Great Master Ge Yang, why are you here?”

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