Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 991 - Number One (3)

Chapter 991: Number One (3)

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Qing Mu was stunned as he looked at the words ‘Tianhui Empire’ on the jade pendant in astonishment while his gaze somewhat sluggishly turned towards Yun Luofeng.

“Miss Yun, you… entered the eighth level?”

Yun Luofeng frowned and pondered, speaking only after a long time. “It seemed to be the eighth level. After curing the patients on the eighth level, this jade pendant appeared. I originally picked it up to investigate it, but after being in contact with it I arrived at the entrance.”


Similar to thunder striking down during clear skies, the entire venue became absolutely silent. Their expression was of astonishment, shock, and even zealotry as they unwaveringly stared at Yun Luofeng.

Not to mention Liu Chenyi who was completely unaware, even Yun Luofeng herself stared blankly, clearly not understanding the situation before her.

“You truly treated the patients on the eighth level?” Qing Mu’s breathing became hurried as he asked while unable to take his eyes off of her.

Under the old man’s excited gaze, Yun Luofeng nodded.

In fact, Qing Mu’s words were unnecessary as the jade pendant that Yun Luofeng passed to him proved her abilities! He was merely in disbelief and thus wanted to verify once again. Of course, after Yun Luofeng’s affirmation, Qing Mu suddenly laughed heartily.

“Prodigy, this is definitely an unprecedented and never to be duplicated prodigy! The first person since ancient times!”

Liu Chenyi stared distractedly.

The first since ancient times? Wasn’t Master Qing Mu being exaggerating?

“Master Qing Mu, the prodigies from the three great Empires have the same ability to complete the eighth level mission. Merely, their speed wasn’t as fast compared to Yun Luofeng. With your manner of speaking, aren’t you saying that all the prodigies of the Empires are unmatched?”

Qing Mu snorted. “How can those people be compared with Miss Yun? In the illusionary realm earlier on, did you find it strenuous saving one patient? However, are you aware that Miss Yun had simultaneously cured ten patients with different symptoms on every level? Furthermore, facing such a situation, she had actually obtained the jade pendant before anyone else. Yet you have the impertinence to say that they can be compared with her?”


Liu Chenyi’s expression was shocked and his footsteps couldn’t help but retreat as his gaze stared unwaveringly at Yun Luofeng.

No wonder…

No wonder when he spoke of the words earlier on, others had used a strange expression to look at him.

It’s no wonder after Yun Luofeng came out, even those infatuated women who once surrounded him also used a fanatical look to gaze at her.

So it turns out, the illusionary realm Yun Luofeng entered was not the same level as his so how could they be compared?

As far as he knew, Master Qing Mu and Ge Yang merely arrived at the fifth level and failed! Even if these two old men’s abilities had improved, they were unable to reach the eighth level. However, not only did Yun Luofeng achieve that, she had also succeeded in such a short time. Since the ancient times, who had accomplished such a feat?

Thinking of this, Liu Chenyi’s expression was deathly pale and this was the first time he regretted opposing Yun Luofeng…

“Don’t forget the wager between us.” Yun Luofeng’s line of sight gradually fell on Liu Chenyi and she smiled. “Now, do you want to cripple your arm, or do you want me to help you?”

Liu Chenyi’s expression turned pale as he retreated.

“Miss Yun, do you intend to be so forceful and overbearing?”

“Forceful? No, I haven’t forced you. I’m only acting in accordance with your wishes,” Yun Luofeng smiled wickedly while looking at Liu Chenyi and approaching him. “After all, this wager was suggested by you and I was merely forced to accept.”

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