Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 990: - Number One (2)

Chapter 990: Number One (2)

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Yun Luofeng… has yet to leave the Medicine Tower?

He turned his head while being stunned. Looking at the tightly shut doors, his expression turned pale in a flash and his gentle eyes were also filled with shock.

Noble Consort Ling snorted. She no longer took notice of him and cast her line of sight towards the Medicine Tower with gloomy eyes.

Yun Luofeng this woman cannot remain!

… Among the various kingdoms on the mainland, there were only a few who could break through to the seventh level. However, once breaking through, the distance between the eighth level wouldn’t be far.

The rules of this competition were that the first one who reached the eighth level and completed the task would obtain a jade pendant belonging to the Tianhui Empire as proof of clearing the entire Medicine Tower.

After all, although the Medicine Tower had a time limit of having to enter the next level in half a joss stick’s time, it wasn’t impossible to complete the task earlier! For example, even if a participant had been eliminated on the fifth level, there might be a genius successfully entering the seventh level.

As such, the jade pendant was used as proof and those who obtained it would be number one!

Time gradually elapsed and the skies turned to dusk.

The Medicine Tower’s doors opened under everyone’s expectation and the dusk sunshine sprinkled, landing on the young lady standing at the gates.

The young lady’s clothes were purer than snow while her brows were like a painting and a bewitching smile curled on her lips. She was incomparably gorgeous and the word devastatingly beautiful was insufficient to describe her.

Liu Chenyi forgot about his defeat and foolishly stared at the peerless and magnificent young lady, while his gentle as jade eyes were filled with feelings of having his breath taken away. There had been countless women beside him for over twenty years and no one had been so beautiful that they shook one to the core and disturbed one’s soul in this way.

“Miss Yun, you’re out?” Qing Mu smiled, “It’s alright, it’s considered good to have reached the seventh level. Furthermore, the matrix you encountered is a more difficult one, and even only reaching the fourth level would surpass those who entered the normal eighth level.”

Qing Mu’s words caused her to frown and a puzzling glimmer flashed through her eyes.

Just then, Long Yuan’s indifferent voice could be heard on the high platform. “Failing means failing! She was eliminated on the seventh level which proves that she’s not the number one of this competition!”

“However, the test Miss Yun undertook was several times difficult than others!” Qing Mu wanted to contend for Yun Luofeng’s rights.

In his view, Yun Luofeng was worthy of the title as the champion but Long Yuan disdained and had contempt for Qing Mu’s words.

“I don’t care what test she undertook. Since she wasn’t the first who broke through the eighth level, it means she lost!” He lifted his chin and overlooked Yun Luofeng from high grounds, “Yun Luofeng, towards my judgment, do you have any opinion?”

Yun Luofeng turned towards Qing Mu, seemingly not noticing Long Yuan, and asked. “I picked up something in the Medicine Tower and wasn’t sure what was it so I brought it out. I request for Great Master Qing Mu to verify it.”

After speaking, Yun Luofeng fished out a jade pendant from her lapels and passed it to Qing Mu.

When he saw the jade pendant in Qing Mu’s hands, Long Yuan’s cold and detached expression instantly changed and even his voice trembled. “Where did you get this jade from?”

“I’ve made myself clear, I picked it up from the Medicine Tower.” Yun Luofeng wickedly swept a glance at Long Yuan and spoke monotonously, “It was this jade pendant that sent me to the entrance.”


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