Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 989 - Number One (1)

Chapter 989: Number One (1)

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Long Yuan’s body went soft as he collapsed on the chair while his dignified expression was exhausted and pale, appearing extremely unsightly.

Those eliminated participants were unaware of the happenings and looked at each other in dismay while asking for an explanation from others. After hearing that Yun Luofeng was facing a matrix for the Imperial Physician Court examination, they were unconsciously struck dumb.

Under such a subtle atmosphere, another half joss stick’s time elapsed and simultaneously, the door of the Medicine Tower was pushed opened and another group of dispirited disqualified youths stood at the entrance.

However, among them, Yun Luofeng was not present!

“The third level’s test has ended and since Yun Luofeng hasn’t been eliminated, it means that she’s entered the fourth level!”

Only those physicians from the Imperial Physician Court could reach the fourth level and right now, Yun Luofeng has already entered there?


Everyone couldn’t refrain from sucking in a cold breath as they looked at the tightly shut Medicine Tower gates in befuddlement.

“Ge Yang, make a guess if this brat can successfully enter the fifth level?” Qing Mu’s expression contained excitement while his voice was also endlessly shaking.

No one was clearer than those from the Imperial Physician Court on the difficulty of the exam! If Yun Luofeng could successfully break through to the fifth level, it meant that there was not a big discrepancy between her abilities and the physicians from the Physician Court.

However, all of them were all old men over half a hundred years old and how young was this brat? Having such achievements at such a young age, the Tianyun Kingdom had picked a treasure this time around.

The time for the fifth level had elapsed and among those youths walking out, there was still no sign of Yun Luofeng’s figure.

Everyone had become numb from the initial shock and seemed to have accepted the shock Yun Luofeng brought them.

Qing Mu and Ge Yang gazed at each other and saw happiness in their eyes. They could imagine, if Yun Luofeng’s actions of today were to be spread throughout, even the two great empires would spare no effort in roping her in!

“Let’s guess, which level can Yun Luofeng reach?”

“This would be hard to say. However, I figure that she’s near her limits and the sixth level will definitely eliminate her.”

Everyone started discussing and their eyes no longer contained their initial ridicule. Instead, they were guessing what level Yun Luofeng could reach.

The Medicine Tower’s gates once again opened.

Liu Chenyi faintly smiled while walking out with both hands behind his back. He gently inspected his surroundings and questioned, “Where’s Yun Luofeng? Is she hiding after losing, and not daring to meet me? You should let her come out and she can rest assured, I’ve always had tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex and wouldn’t really cripple her arm.”

In this Medicine Tower, people who could enter the sixth level were considered talented geniuses! Therefore, Liu Chenyi concluded that Yun Luofeng was unable to reach this level! What caused Liu Chenyi to be puzzled was that on a normal occasion, after witnessing him coming out, those infatuated women would definitely surround him and ask about his well-being. Yet, no one had come up and all of them gazed at him with a weird expression.

Liu Chenyi finally felt something was out of place and asked while frowning, “What happened?”

Currently, on the high platform above, Noble Consort Ling’s expression was somewhat unsightly and her tone was grave. “Liu Chenyi, you’re a disgrace of our Lanxiang Kingdom to be eliminated only at the sixth level! Even Yun Luofeng has yet to leave the Medicine Tower.”

Originally, after hearing Noble Consort Ling’s criticism, Liu Chenyi’s face couldn’t help but sink. However, the next sentence caused him to be stunned on the spot.

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