Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 988 - Unscrupulous Long Yuan (5)

Chapter 988: Unscrupulous Long Yuan (5)
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Treating ten patients in half a joss stick’s time? This was only achievable by those old men from the Imperial Physician Court so how could a young genius like Yun Luofeng have such abilities? Therefore, everyone believed that she would be eliminated on the first level.

“Beloved Consort, just wait and see. If Yun Luofeng continues lingering without leaving, the Medicine Tower will get angry.” Long Yuan smiled and his line of sight turned towards the Medicine Tower as he spoke.

Yet, looking at it, his expression changed because the Medicine Tower did not throw Yun Luofeng out as he assumed and instead, slowly closed the doors. Once the Medicine Tower closed, it meant that all the eliminated participants had left the Tower!

Noble Consort Ling stared blankly as she bit her lips while asking, “Is this Tower faulty?”

In a twinkling of an eye, Long Yuan’s fierce eyes shot towards those youngsters who were eliminated. “Have all the eliminated participants left the Medicine Tower? Was it possible that someone was hiding inside, not willing to come out?”

The few youngsters looked blankly and shook their head in succession.

“There’s no one else and the eliminated participants are just the few of us.”

Long Yuan’s expression became increasingly unsightly. “Have you seen Yun Luofeng?”

“Answering Your Majesty, there were only the few of us being eliminated and we did not see anyone else.”

Yun Luofeng wasn’t present? How could that be?!

Long Yuan tightly clenched his fist as his complexion became ashen. Half a joss stick’s time has passed so why wasn’t Yun Luofeng eliminated?

At the same time, others were also dumbfounded by this.

Yun Luofeng wasn’t eliminated?

So that’s to say, she had successfully entered the next level?

Qing Mu and Ge Yang looked at each other and saw astonishment in each other’s eyes. If Yun Luofeng succeeded, it proved that her talent was incomparable!

Ge Yang slowly recovered his emotions and smiled while asking, “Qing Mu, do you have a guess on what level Miss Yun can enter?”

Qing Mu raised the corner of his lips. “The difficulty of the fourth level will already exceed a normal matrix’s eighth level. Therefore, I assume she can reach the third or fourth level!”


Hearing his words, everyone sucked in a cold breath. This matrix’s fourth level difficulty has already exceeded a normal matrix’s eighth level?

Furthermore, Master Qing Mu had asserted that she could reach the fourth level?

Among the crowd, a sneering laugh could be heard.

“It’s merely her luck to break through the first level and it doesn’t mean she will be fortunate continuing on. Therefore, she will definitely be eliminated this time!”

Minutes and seconds elapsed and soon after, half a joss stick’s time had once again passed. The Medicine Tower opened once again and a few crestfallen male and female youths appeared at the entrance. However, Yun Luofeng’s figure wasn’t among them…

“It’s impossible!”

Long Yuan suddenly stood up and he stared unwaveringly at the Medicine Tower entrance. “The second level’s time has passed and those who couldn’t cure the patients would be chased out, but why wasn’t Yun Luofeng present?”

Noble Consort Ling hesitated for a long time and asked, “Your Majesty, could it be that something’s wrong with the Medicine Tower to the extent of not eliminating everyone and closing the door?”

After hearing her words, Long Yuan’s line of sight turned towards the few people revealing a dejected expression as he spoke sternly, “Have you seen Yun Luofeng?”

Those people stared blankly and hastily shook their head.

“It seems that she has yet to come out.”

If it was the Medicine Tower that malfunctioned and not clearing everyone out, then why did these people claim to not have seen Yun Luofeng?

In particular, there were people from the Lanxiang Kingdom among the eliminated participants and it was impossible for them to aid Yun Luofeng in cheating!


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