Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 987 - Unscrupulous Long Yuan (4)

Chapter 987: Unscrupulous Long Yuan (4)

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Despite usually being disappointed with Long Yuan, he had never been so disappointed as he was today.

That year during the death of the Emperor, the princes contended against each other for the throne. If it weren’t for his protection, the Crown Prince Long Yuan wouldn’t have successfully ascended the throne. Now, the person he once supported had turned into an incapable ruler who indulged in his lust.

“Qing Mu.” Ge Yang was afraid that Qing Mu would say words of treason and had hastily pulled him back while looking at Long Yuan with his brows knitted. “Your Majesty, I earnestly request for you to send an imperial decree to let all the geniuses from the various kingdoms restart the competition.”

Long Yuan sneered, “The competition has already begun. Should I stop it just because you say so? I will not delay the other geniuses for Yun Luofeng!”

This time, even Ge Yang and the others were thoroughly disillusioned. In the future were they truly going to continue vowing their loyalty and devotion to such a muddle-headed and tyrannical Emperor?

Nowadays, Long Yuan acted in accordance with Noble Consort Ling in all aspects, and perhaps it wouldn’t be long before he would heed her and discard them!

“This Qing Mu is tremendously brave to clamor against me!” Long Yuan’s expression sank and coldly snorted.

Noble Consort Ling’s eyes flickered and she softly smiled while leaning on Long Yuan’s chest. “Your Majesty, our Tianhui Empire isn’t lacking in skilled physicians. I think that Qing Mu no longer has any use so we might as well dismiss him.”

Long Yuan supported his forehead while experiencing a headache. “This Qing Mu has always been contradicting me so do you think I don’t wish to dismiss him? It is just that Qing Mu saved my Imperial Father’s life so if I were to chase him away, I’m afraid it would cause the minister’s hearts to turn cold.”

Noble Consort Ling raised her brows but did not continue persuading Long Yuan. Her beautiful eyes swept towards Qing Mu with a sneer on her face.

Qing Mu cannot stay! Otherwise, I can’t say for sure when he will complain about me before the Emperor.

If the Emperor was really reluctant to chase him away, then she didn’t mind using some underhanded methods to cause him to lose his reputation and integrity!

After hearing Qing Mu and Long Yuan’s conversation, the corps exploded with anger. If Ye Ling didn’t stop them, perhaps they might have rushed forward to fight and put their lives at risk.

“This is the Tianhui Empire, and our Lord has yet to come out so we should refrain from causing trouble. In addition, I believe in our Lord’s abilities and this little difficulty cannot trap her.”

These were Ye Ling’s words and precisely because of this, it caused the corps rash and restless emotions to stabilize.


In their hearts, Yun Luofeng was like a god and no difficulties or trials could knock her down! Right now, it was sufficient for them to quietly wait for her.

“Half a joss stick’s time has passed and some have been disqualified.”

In this instant, everyone turned toward the Medicine Tower…

The Medicine Tower door opened and a few crestfallen youngsters walked out. They couldn’t even pass through the first level and they could imagine what kind of punishment they had to confront after returning.

“Your Majesty, Yun Luofeng is really slow.” Noble Consort Ling smiled in ridicule. “Taking her time even when she’s just walking out the Medicine Tower. I guess she’s having trouble accepting failure and so, she’s unwilling to leave.”

Upon failure, the Medicine Tower would transport the losers to the door and let them leave by themselves. Regardless of what level they failed on, they would all be sent to the first level entrance. Therefore, Noble Consort Ling was guessing that Yun Luofeng was definitely hiding inside and unwilling to come out, afraid of being a disgrace…

Long Yuan coldly spoke, “Even if she’s unwilling, the Medicine Tower will throw her out, to avoid affecting others continuing the competition!”

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