Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 986 - Unscrupulous Long Yuan (3)

Chapter 986: Unscrupulous Long Yuan (3)

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“Everyone, please enter.” The eunuch used a key to open the gates of Medicine Tower while using his pointed voice to speak and the prodigies hastily rushed into the Medicine Tower while disappearing in a hazy fog.

At present, ten bedridden patients appeared before Yun Luofeng and all of them were wailing in anguish. They were holding their chests while pain and suffering were written on their pale faces.

Yun Luofeng froze. “Did Long Yuan say that there were ten patients in the first level?”

“I doubt it…”

Unknowingly, Huohuo appeared beside Yun Luofeng. She leaped up onto a tree off to one side and sat on a branch, then swung her legs while looking at the young lady beneath her.

“Master, in accordance with your abilities, saving these ten patients isn’t a problem.”

Yun Luofeng shook her head. “I’m worrying for Zhong Ling’er. After all, it hasn’t been that long since she learned medicine, and it’s simply impossible for her to treat ten patients in half a joss stick time!”

With Zhong Ling’er’s abilities, saving ten patients in half a joss stick time was impossible, so how could she not be worried for her?

“Forget it, I’ll enter the next level first. I must obtain the championship this time!”

On the high ground outside the Medicine Tower, Long Yuan was seated upright and his cold eyes contained a sinister hint while a sneer was on his face. Noble Consort Ling with a beaming smile was snuggled into his embrace while the corner of her lips revealed excitement.

Yun Luofeng, didn’t you make a wager with Liu Chenyi? This time around, I’ll make you lose thoroughly without any opportunity to turn things around!

“Not good, something happened!”

Yet at this moment, a hurried figure rushed over and gasped for breath. That person was wearing the Imperial Physician Court robes and was clearly someone from the Imperial Physician Court.

He walked to Qing Mu and others with haste and a trace of anxiousness was on his face. “Sir Qing Mu, Sir Ge Yang, something big happened! When I went to check the Medicine Tower earlier on, I discovered that someone secretly released the harshest matrix.”

The matrix of Medicine Tower was separated into two, one as a common matrix used to evaluate the abilities of young prodigies, and the other one… was used as the criterion to enter the Imperial Physician Court!

In that matrix, there would be ten patients appearing concurrently and in addition, their conditions would be extremely critical. If one could reach the fourth level facing this matrix, they would have the qualifications to enter the Imperial Physician Court!

Naturally, Qing Mu had experienced the severity of this matrix and he hastily stood up while asking with an anxious expression, “Who released this matrix? These young prodigies are absolutely incapable of dealing with this. Oh right, did you check who is facing that matrix?”

The person from the Imperial Physician Court prudently shot a glance at Qing Mu. “It’s… Yun Luofeng!”


Similar to a clap of thunder striking down in clear skies, Qing Mu’s footsteps staggered and he nearly fell down.

Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at Long Yuan and Noble Consort Ling seated above, and then inquired, “Your Majesty, other than the people from Imperial Physician Court, you are the only one who has the right to enter this Medicine Tower! Therefore, I shall be daring and ask, was this matter done by Your Majesty?”

Qing Mu gnashed his teeth in anger as his eyes were filled with disappointment and anger. He knew that the Emperor wasn’t fond of Yun Luofeng, but he would never expect the Emperor to use such a method to make things difficult for her.

This round of competition wasn’t fair!

Long Yuan furrowed his eyebrows with a stern face. “Qing Mu, you sure have the nerve. Clearly, this matter is the responsibility of the Imperial Physician Court and you dare to interrogate me?”

“You..” Qing Mu was angered to the point that his whole body trembled.

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