Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 980 - Yun Luofeng Poaching (2)

Chapter 980: Yun Luofeng Poaching (2)
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It took a while for the palace maid to come back to her senses and hastily run towards Noble Consort Ling’s bedchambers.

Inside the bedchamber, after hearing the palace maid’s spiced up report, Noble Consort Ling mercilessly smashed the teacup from her hand onto the floor due to anger.

“Yun Luofeng truly can’t differentiate goodwill! This consort originally wanted to recruit her because of her capability. Who knew she would dare to not come and meet me and even want me to pay her a visit! I truly don’t know where she got the face to say something like that!”

The palace maid shakily knelt on the floor, too frightened to say anything.

Noble Consort Ling’s eyes sparkled and started silently laughing. “Yun Luofeng, since you won’t give face to this consort, then don’t blame me for being heartless! I can’t be pleased unless you are eliminated!”

Especially because the girl had such beautiful looks! His Majesty currently did not care about Yun Luofeng, but if Yun Luofeng shamelessly wanted to seduce His Majesty, what man could resist such a temptation? After all, what woman in this world did not have a fondness for power?

“Xiao Fang, go to the rest station and inform the prince of the Lanxiang Kingdom, Qiu Feihua, that he must kill Yun Luofeng in tomorrow’s competition no matter what! In exchange, this consort will help him break through.”

The medicine competition was held today, and the fighting competition would be held tomorrow.

Death was not permitted on the stage, but weapons were blind. Hence, if Yun Luofeng unfortunately died during the fight, the Lanxiang Kingdom would not be blamed. Thinking of this point, Noble Consort Ling’s smile deepened and her pair of beautiful eyes sinisterly twinkled.

“Yes, Your Highness.” The palace maid bowed before reverently retreating.

Noble Consort Ling coldly watched the direction that the maid departed, and muttered between clenched teeth, “Yun Luofeng, if I can’t use you, then you can only… die!”

An austere atmosphere pervaded the imperial study. The man, in his bright yellow dragon robes, properly sat on the Emperor’s Chair and solemnly looked down at the elderly man below him.

“Qing Mu, why did you seek me out?”

Qing Mu cupped his fists in salute. “Your Majesty, this subject thinks Yun Luofeng is very talented. She will become a world-renowned physician in time, so this subject boldly begs Your Majesty to help me entice Yun Luofeng to our side.”

“A world-renowned physician?” Long Yuan smiled, his smile full of mockery. “Qing Mu, you’re overthinking it. Yun Luofeng is truly knowledgeable, but it doesn’t mean she has formidable capabilities! Medicine requires not only knowledge but also flexibility. The requirements for the application are also very high. Yun Luofeng merely read a few ancient medical texts and learned how to use the snow silkworm from them. This doesn’t equate to her having any ability.”

Qing Mu was startled, and his tone turned anxious. “Your Majesty, please believe in this subject’s judgment. Yun Luofeng is destined for greatness and will eventually transform into a dragon. It won’t be that easy to entice her at that time.”

“Qing Mu, say no more. Zhen’s Tianhui Empire doesn’t have a place for her!” Long Yuan dismissively waved her hand, his face expressionless.

Qing Mu sighed in dismay and opened his mouth, wanting to persuade him some more, but he saw that Long Yuan already closed his eyes, clearly not planning to listen to him anymore.

He bitterly chuckled and turned around to leave the imperial study.

Ge Yang was waiting for him at the entrance. Seeing Qing Mu walking out with a helpless expression, he already guessed the result. “His Majesty did not agree to recruit Miss Yun?”

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