Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 978 - What Was Liu Chenyi Compared to Her? (4)

Chapter 978: What Was Liu Chenyi Compared to Her? (4)
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Seeing the esteem that the imperial physicians had for Yun Luofeng, Long Yuan’s stern brows slightly knitted. Yun Luofeng was extremely knowledgeable indeed and could solve even a problem like this. However, it did not mean she would be as outstanding in the subsequent competition!

“Yun Luofeng, Zhen truly admires your knowledge.” Long Yuan coldly swept his eyes across Yun Luofeng and aloofly said, “However, you seem to have mistaken something. You only needed to write down three prescriptions for this competition, and it’s completely useless to write more! Hence, Zhen declares that it’s a draw for this round and both can progress to the next round!”

Long Yuan’s voice was imposing and mighty without being angry.

Qing Mu and the others were stunned by Long Yuan’s decision, let alone the audience.

“Your Majesty.” Qing Mu’s brows lightly knitted. “Anyone can tell that the winner of this competition is Miss Yun. Liu Chenyi lost!”

And lost very completely!

“The rules of the competition are established by me.” Impatience appeared on Long Yuan’s expression. “Zhen declares a tie. Do you have any objections?”

Qing Mu’s expression shifted. He wanted to say something when Ge Yang tugged on him. Their gazes met, and they discovered the origin of the problem.

Liu Chenyi was from the Lanxiang Kingdom, and His Majesty favored Noble Consort Mu the most, so he would naturally help his favored consort! Why would he allow Liu Chenyi to be eliminated in the first round?

Thinking of this, fury rose in Qing Mu’s heart. He never participated in court politics his entire life and had no desires for fame and profit, devoting his whole mind to studying medicine. Upon meeting a genius like Yun Luofeng, how could he not treasure her?

Who knew that His Majesty would be bewitched by Noble Consort Ling and would do something like that? Noble Consort Mu was truly an enchantress who would damage the country and cause suffering to the people!

“Forget it.” Ge Yang whispered beside his ear, “No one can change His Majesty’s decision. I don’t think the Liu Chenyi fellow can win against Yun Luofeng anyways!”

Qing Mu took a deep breath, suppressing the anger in his heart before apologetically looking at Yun Luofeng.

“Miss Yun, everyone can tell that you won in your competition with Liu Chenyi, but… I am forced to do something that smothers my conscience.”

What was Liu Chenyi compared to her?

However, at a time like this, he could not protect this prodigy…

Long Yuan’s expression abruptly darkened and his sharp gaze shot to Qing Mu. It was as though Qing Mu did not see it and sent Yun Luofeng a faint, guilt-ridden smile.

Fame? Power? All of it was as fleeting as mist to him! If His Majesty really grew angry because of his words, then he would leave the Tianhui Empire if worse came to worst. After all, he only joined the Tianhui Empire to study medicine with talented physicians.

“Thank you.” Yun Luofeng faintly smiled.

She did not blame Qing Mu for being unable to protect her. This old man was merely a subject and had no choice but to obey the Emperor’s orders! However, this old man evidently stood on her side, so she would engrave this token of friendship into her heart!

“I will accept his announcement of a tie between Liu Chenyi and me,” Yun Luofeng lifted her head, her wicked gaze shooting to Long Yuan sitting high above them, “because I will make him lose more miserably!”

The young girl’s voice was confident and bold, her pitch-black eyes as mysterious as the dark night.

She accepted the draw against Liu Chenyi because she would make him lose more miserably!

Who else in the world would say such arrogant words?


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