Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 976

Chapter 976: What Was Liu Chenyi Compared to Her? (2)

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“Ten prescriptions… it’s really ten prescriptions!”

Before the competition, he already learned of the medicinal ingredients that he was going to face and spent a whole day and night in his search for the prescriptions relevant to all of these ingredients. Even so, he still only found three.

However, Yun Luofeng did not know the identity of the ingredients beforehand, so how in the world did she manage to write down 10 prescriptions in such a short amount of time?

“Sir Qing Mu.” Malice flashed through Liu Chenyi’s eyes, and his fingers tightly squeezed the paper in his hand as he looked up and said, “You seem to have forgotten that if you respond incorrectly in your exam, you will be considered to have failed!”

The elderly man who he referred to as Sir Qing Mu was the emotional person from earlier.

Hearing Liu Chenyi’s words, he was briefly taken back before hesitantly saying, “That is a rule indeed.”

“So,” Liu Chenyi lightly smiled, “Yun Luofeng lost!”

Following the man’s gentle as jade voice, his smitten and brainless supporters started hooting again.

“That’s what I thought, there’s no way that Yun Luofeng can win against Young Master Liu.”

“Since Young Master Liu said she lost, then she must have lost! However, when Young Master Liu said that, his confident appearance was too handsome! I really want to get married to him…”

Those women had hearts in their eyes as they foolishly looked at Liu Chenyi, besotted. In their eyes, Liu Chenyi could commit no wrong! His words were never wrong either!

“You said I lost?” Yun Luofeng’s eyes devilishly swept toward Liu Chenyi.

Compared with the other party’s gentle and confident voice, her voice was incredibly languid, but it easily slammed into other people’s hearts.

“That’s right, you lost.” Liu Chenyi’s features were permeated with confidence. “Everyone knows that the snow silkworm lives in an icy and snowy habitat, and its body will melt upon contact with fire and lose its medicinal value. Normally, the snow silkworm is ground into powder for medicinal use. But look at what you wrote. One snow silkworm? If you directly toss the silkworm into the medicine decoction pot, its body will evaporate with nothing remaining.”

This competition only mentioned arranging the presented ingredients into three prescriptions and did not specify that all of the ingredients had to be used, which was why Liu Chenyi avoided the snow silkworm.

After all, too few ingredients could be matched with the snow silkworm and even the slightest carelessness could cause the ground silkworm to lose its value. He did not expect Yun Luofeng to make such a simple mistake.

“Are you sure a whole silkworm can’t be used in medicine?” Yun Luofeng raised her brows and said with a faint smile, “If I can have the snow silkworm make contact with fire without melting, what should we do?”

Liu Chenyi mockingly chuckled. “Miss Yun, it looks like your medical skills aren’t that great, and I thought too highly of you. If you can even commit such a simple mistake, what right do you have to be my opponent?”

The snow silkworm not melting upon contact with fire? How could that be possible? Did this woman consider people to be fools and think they could be tricked as she pleased?

The corner of Yun Luofeng’s lips turned up. “Since you aren’t willing to believe me, we can use this to make a bet!”

“Alright!” Liu Chenyi harshly clapped the feather fan in his hand and turned to Long Yuan. “I beg Your Majesty to permit this!”

Long Yuan nodded and said in a low voice, “Zhen permits it.”

On an extremely long table on the competition stage, a snow silkworm silently laid in an ice-covered bowl. The snow silkworm had evidently been dead for a long time and unmovingly rested on the ice cubes.

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