Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 975 - What Was Liu Chenyi Compared to Her? (1)

Chapter 975: What Was Liu Chenyi Compared to Her? (1)
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On the white paper, the script was straight and legible without any of the editing marks that they imagined. However, each old man’s expression was more shocked than the previous, as though they had seen a ghost.

“This… this is impossible!” An old man extended his hand and shakily took the exam into his hand. His mouth kept muttering, “This is impossible, absolutely impossible!”

The originally clamorous crowd grew silent after seeing the old man’s peculiar behavior. No one understood what had happened that would cause the old man to have such a big reaction.

Ge Yang deeply inhaled and looked at Yun Luofeng with complicated feelings. He calmly said, “Miss Yun, did you really write the answers on this exam?”

At this moment, even Liu Chenyi sensed that something was wrong. His brows knitted, and incomprehension flashed through his gentle eyes.

“If I didn’t write it, did you write it?” Yun Luofeng retorted with a wicked smile.

The audience members were all somewhat stunned. Yun Luofeng wrote it in front of their eyes, so it could not have been faked. They truly did not understand why Ge Yang would ask such a stupid question.

Ge Yang appeared to realize that his question was too stupid as well, and embarrassment appeared on his face. “Apologies, Miss Yun. It’s just that your answer is too shocking to the world, which is why this old crock asked you.”

Shocking to the world?

Everyone, including the Emperor and the Noble Consort, all had their gaze locked onto Ge Yang.

“Ge Yang, what is going on?” the Emperor coldly questioned with a dark expression.

Ge Yang was about to answer but was intercepted by the incredibly excited old man beside him. The old man’s expression was very fervent and looked at Yun Luofeng as though he saw a gold mountain.

“Your Majesty, this subject will answer this matter! I declare that Yun Luofeng is the winner of this competition.”


The crowd burst into a commotion, the faces of the people who were ridiculing Yun Luofeng earlier all turned into disbelief.

Liu Chenyi quickly strode up, his handsome face livid. “You said that Yun Luofeng obtained the win? I don’t believe it! No matter how great her answer is, I still successfully finished the content of the exam, so it’s a draw at most. Why did she win?”

The two people turned in their exam at the same time indeed. If they both wrote an answer, it would be merely considered a draw. Why was it Yun Luofeng’s win?

“Young Master Liu, it’s not that I am favoring a certain side, it’s that Miss Yun’s answer is more impeccable than yours.” The old man passionately said, “You only wrote three prescriptions, and her? Guess how many she wrote?! I reckon you can’t imagine it. These herbs can be arranged into ten different prescriptions!”

Ten different prescriptions?

As though lightning flashed across a clear sky and struck them, even the women who were standing up for Liu Chenyi turned pale, their faces full of shock.

“It is ten prescriptions!” The old man looked at Liu Chenyi, who staggered back, and continued to say emotionally, “During that time, I could only think of five prescriptions, but she could actually arrange ten! Isn’t it her win?”

Ge Yang also nodded in agreement. “I could only think of five prescriptions at most, and Miss Yun wrote down all of the five prescriptions that I thought of. So even if we don’t assess the last five, she would deserve to be the winner with these five prescriptions alone!”

Liu Chenyi shot forward and snatched the exam from the old man’s hand. When he saw the distinct writing on the paper, his face drained of color.


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