Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 974 - Xiao Yuqing's Pain (5)

Chapter 974: Xiao Yuqing’s Pain (5)

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Hence, he already knew the medicinal herbs that the Tianhui Empire would set out and made preparations beforehand by going through the books and finding three prescriptions. It had to be said that having someone behind you was satisfying. Even cheating was done so effortlessly!

Liu Chenyi spread the paper open and, with a flick of his brush and with flowing movements, started to write down character after character on his white sheet of paper. In order to not make it obvious that he already made preparations, he pretended to contemplate for a moment every time he wrote a paragraph.

At the same time, Yun Luofeng also started to seriously write her answer.

Time gradually elapsed, but it was not long before 15 minutes had passed. During this period of time, no one made any more sounds and silently watched the two people on the stage.

Understandably, the people who were ridiculing Yun Luofeng earlier all remained silent, quietly admiring the girl’s calm posture as she wrote. In contrast to Liu Chenyi’s contemplation from time to time, Yun Luofeng’s movements were very fluid and continuous.

However, what shocked everyone was that Yun Luofeng and Liu Chenyi put down their brushes at the same time.

Logically, since Yun Luofeng’s movements were so continuous, she should finish earlier than Liu Chenyi, so why did she finish her answer at the same time as him? Could it be that the girl was only pretending to be calm? Was her capability too mediocre so she made a lot of edits to her answer?

A eunuch quickly went to pick up their exams and passed them to the imperial physicians. The imperial physicians first looked over Liu Chenyi’s exam, and praise appeared on their faces.

“Quite good, your answer was very insightful, not missing any component, and without any editing marks. Even the three prescriptions were arranged perfectly. You truly are a rare genius.”

The imperial physician’s compliment made everyone firmly believe in the answer in their mind. Yun Luofeng could not win against Liu Chenyi.

“You’ve let me win.” Liu Chenyi gently smiled and cupped his fist while saying, “I’ve read many books over the years, so I’ve already memorized those prescriptions. Miss Yun, don’t be dismayed. It’s merely a competition and doesn’t mean anything. I hope we can have a rematch next year.”

Liu Chenyi aimed the last sentence at Yun Luofeng. After saying it, he slapped his head in mock distress. “I forgot, your Tianyun Kingdom doesn’t have a next year. I’m sorry, Miss Yun. If I knew it would be like this, I would have gone easy on you.”

A smile also appeared on Noble Consort Ling’s face. She said it before that Liu Chenyi absolutely would not lose!

There was no need to look at Yun Luofeng’s exam next. No matter how capable she was, there was no way she would win against Liu Chenyi.

Although this was what everyone else thought, the imperial physicians could not do that as the examiners. Hence, they abided by the rules and picked up Yun Luofeng’s exam.

When one of the examiners saw it, the elderly man was instantly taken aback. It was different from his shock when he faced Zhong Ling’er earlier, as he was completely stupefied right now.

“Ge Yang, is Yun Luofeng’s answer so awful that it scared you? I saw that her brush did not even stop earlier, so perhaps the exam has some editing marks. I would like to see what she wrote that frightened you.”

After saying this, another old man snatched the exam from Ge Yang’s hand. Upon seeing the contents of the paper, he who originally had a mocking smile became as dumbstruck as Ge Yang.

“That can’t be, right? Was what she wrote that awful? It shouldn’t be. Even if she didn’t write anything, it shouldn’t be this bad.”

The other elders could not hold back anymore and encircled Ge Yang and the other old man. Their heads pushed forward, wanting to catch a glimpse of the contents of the paper.

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