Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 972 - Xiao Yuqing's Pain (3)

Chapter 972: Xiao Yuqing’s Pain (3)
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However, Yun Luofeng’s dark eyes were completely placid without a single ripple. No one was able to detect any emotions from her eyes.

Liu Chenyi’s pupils contracted. He had a feeling that this woman was not someone easily seduced, despite his immense confidence in his methods.

“Miss Yun,” Liu Chengyi’s lips turned up with a kind smile, “I have been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. My interest in you goes far back. It is my honor to have you as my opponent.”

Seeing Liu Chengyi treat Yun Luofeng so gently caused the women beneath them to go crazy from jealousy.

“Doesn’t Yun Luofeng already have a husband? How could she seduce Young Master Liu so shamelessly!”

“Her husband is nothing more than the son of an aristocratic family in some tiny kingdom. How could he compare with Young Master Liu? At least the Lanxiang Kingdom is one of the top 10 kingdoms, and he is also the son of the Grand Tutor, so his status is extremely noble.”

“I actually thought Yun Luofeng was different. I didn’t expect her to be so secular that as soon as she sees a man with a more noble status, she would throw herself at his feet.”

Lin Ruobai and the others nearly flew into a rage when they heard the discussions. Women caught in the snare of love were truly delirious and incredible at distorting the truth and ignoring right and wrong.

When did Yun Luofeng go seduce Liu Chenyi? And when did she throw herself at his feet? It was clearly Liu Chenyi who shamelessly wanted to seduce Yun Luofeng!

Lin Ruobai was about to bellow her response when she saw Yun Luofeng’s fierce gaze darting to the women who voiced their ridicule.

“Is this Liu Chenyi very… outstanding?” Her voice was absentminded and her tone languid. “If you think he is outstanding, then immediately come and take him away. However, it appears that just one of him won’t be enough to be divided among so many of you. I do have a solution though. You can dismember him into thousands of pieces, and everyone can take a piece.”

“As for me…,” Yun Luofeng paused, the corner of her lips rising, “I already possess a man who loves me the most and is the most outstanding in the world. With someone like that as contrast, I’m not interested in a normal person like him.”

They could discuss her, but they absolutely could not talk about Yun Xiao! She would not permit anyone to humiliate him!

Liu Chenyi’s face was somewhat stiff as fury rose in his heart.

This woman actually called him a normal person? And also wanted to dismember him into thousands of pieces to give to his admirers?


On the audience platform, an aloof man hid in the midst of the crowd and had his gaze locked on the peerless girl clothed in white the whole time. However, after hearing the girl’s words, he felt like someone punched his heart, making it feel extremely heavy.

“Young Master Xiao…” the person behind him asked with a worried expression after catching a glimpse of Xiao Yuqing’s pale face.

“Let’s go, this competition isn’t all too meaningful.”

Because the winner would always be her!

After glancing at Yun Luofeng one last time, Xiao Yuqing turned around to walk out of the venue.

That one stunning gaze from back then determined he would fall for her for the rest of his life! However, he would gladly endure the hardship without any regret!

The pretty woman who gently called Xiao Yuqing earlier detected his last glance and subconsciously peered at Yun Luofeng, who was standing in the center of the venue. Complicated feelings stirred in her eyes.

During these past years, Young Master Xiao appeared to keep thinking about a woman. If she did not guess wrong, that woman was… Yun Luofeng?

However, Yun Luofeng already had a husband, so Young Master Xiao was fated to be unable to obtain her. Since it was like this, did that mean she still had a chance?

The corner of her lips lightly raised with a composed smile, and her eyes were brimming with joy.

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