Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 971 - Xiao Yuqing's Pain (2)

Chapter 971: Xiao Yuqing’s Pain (2)

“Your Majesty.” A snow-white hand settled on the Emperor’s wrist. Noble Consort Ling was smiling tenderly with a deep ripple of emotions in her beautiful eyes. “This little girl looks quite interesting.”

“Oh?” Long Yuan’s brows raised as he looked at Noble Consort Ling’s stunning face, gently squeezing the back of her hand. “Does my dear consort lack imperial maids in her palace and take a fancy to this Zhong Ling’er girl?”

Noble Consort Ling bashfully lowered her head. “His Majesty knows this servant well. I would like to make Zhong Ling’er this servant’s imperial maid.”

“Since my dear consort wants it, then Zhen will help you obtain her from the Tianyun Kingdom after the competition is over.” Long Yuan’s features were very domineering and his tone was arrogant and unbridled. “Even if you wanted Yun Luofeng to become your imperial maid, the Tianyun Kingdom must obediently give her to us, let alone a servant girl!”

This was the attitude of a strong kingdom toward a weak kingdom! So what if I want someone of yours? That is your fortune! If you reject it, then you don’t know how to appreciate a favor!

Of course, Long Yuan believed that the Tianyun Kingdom would not have the courage to reject him. Moreover, exchanging a little girl for the friendly attitude of the Tianhui Empire would be well worth it.

“Your Majesty, you mustn’t!” Noble Consort Ling shook her head. “Yun Luofeng married into the Ye Family, and the Ye Family has an important status in the Tianyun Kingdom. The Tianyun Kingdom won’t give her up. Also, every kingdom has the agreement that none of the kingdoms can privately wage a war. This servant wouldn’t want to drag Your Majesty down because of my selfishness.”

Long Yuan’s gaze was full of indulgence. “My dear consort, you seem to have forgotten something. If the Tianyun Kingdom comes in the last place again, they will be eliminated from the rank of kingdoms. At that time, why do we need to care about the inter-kingdom agreement?”

Noble Consort Ling’s eyes sparkled. This was what she was waiting for! As long as His Majesty said this, it meant the Tianyun Kingdom would lose this competition without a doubt!

Thinking to this point, the corner Noble Consort Ling’s lips slightly turned up, her malicious eyes glancing to Yun Luofeng.

“Yun Luofeng, Liu Chenyi!”

A sharp voice called out, and everyone’s eyes shot to Yun Luofeng in an instant.

Liu Chenyi was the son of Grand Tutor of the Lanxiang Kingdom. His medical skill was extraordinary and his demeanor elegant, snatching the affection of many girls from the Lanxiang Kingdom. Compared to the arrogant and tyrannical prince, Qiu Feihua, his popularity was more fervent.

As soon as he appeared, a wave of squeals was evoked.

“This is Young Master Liu from the Lanxiang Kingdom. My goodness, he’s really as elegant as legend says, exceptionally handsome.”

“If I could become his wife, I would die without regrets!”

Hearing these women’s shrill voices, Liu Chenyi’s faint smile remained on his lips. There was a feather fan in his hand, graceful and handsome beyond comparison. It was as though his whole body emitted light.

Upon seeing that Yun Luofeng’s opponent was Liu Chenyi, understanding dawned in the Emperor’s mind and his brows slightly furrowed. “My dear consort, when you said earlier that you had someone from the Lanxiang Kingdom distract Yun Luofeng, did you mean that you were going to have Liu Chenyi act as a honeypot trap?”

Noble Consort Ling mysteriously smiled. “Your Majesty, this servant is confident that Yun Luofeng will be eliminated in the first round of competition.”

She was incredibly confident in the people of the Lanxiang Kingdom. Moreover, Liu Chenyi had formidable strength, so he could make Yun Luofeng miserably lose even without using underhanded tactics!

Under the starry gazes of the women, Liu Chenyi walked to Yun Luofeng’s side while waving his feather fan. His face had a hint of a smile while his mannerism was graceful, every movement stirring people’s hearts.

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