Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 970 - Xiao Yuqing's Pain (1)

Chapter 970: Xiao Yuqing’s Pain (1)
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Time elapsed.

Under everyone’s scornful gazes, Zhong Ling’er stopped writing and calmly walked toward the middle-aged man on the tall platform. The entire venue quieted down with her action.

Long Yuan’s brows furrowed, and he ordered a eunuch to accept her paper. The eunuch walked up as ordered and carefully held the paper, which was still wet with ink, as he walked to several old men.

In the venue, besides the Emperor and Noble Consort who dictated the whole competition, there was also the group of examiners formed by the Empires’ imperial physicians. These imperial physicians’ reputation spread far and wide, so there was nothing better than having them act as the examiners.

One of the old men accepted the paper and lightly skimmed it, but this glance alone caused astonishment to appear in his eyes.

“Quickly, come and take a look.” The elderly man’s expression was immensely shocked.

Hearing this, the other old men gathered around him. After seeing the contents of the paper, their face exhibited the same expression.

“What’s going on?”

“Could it be that Zhong Ling’er’s rubbish angered these imperial physicians?”

The people beneath them all whispered in each other’s ears and spiritedly discussed.

Zhong Ling’er’s identity was out in the open. She was nothing more than a servant girl who came here to be humiliated in place of a prodigy from the Tianyun Kingdom, so how could she have genuine abilities? If she was capable enough to impress these imperial physicians, she would certainly not be a servant girl anymore.

However, the following reality was like a slap that fiercely landed on these presumptuous people.

“Perfect! This answer is too perfect! Not a single word wrong and incredibly detailed!”

The imperial physicians all nodded their heads in praise. Although many prodigies came here, there still were not many who could be this detailed in a short amount of time. It was no wonder that they were so stunned earlier.

Tian Qi tossed down the brush in his hand with dismay and looked at Zhong Ling’er with turmoil in his eyes as he asked, “You can’t be a mere servant girl, right?”

How could a servant girl possess such ability?

Zhong Ling’er lifted her chin. “I’m truly a servant girl. There’s no doubt about it.”

“Miss.” On top of the platform, an old man asked with a faint smile, “Can this old crock know who taught you?”

Hearing this, a trace of pride entered Zhong Ling’er face and tone. “My teacher is my master, Yun Luofeng!”

She was proud because she had a master like Yun Luofeng. Ever since she decided to vow loyalty and devotion to Yun Luofeng back then, she had been fated to step onto an extraordinary road.

At this moment, Zhong Ling’er was quite thankful for the Crown Prince of the Longyuan Kingdom, Gao Ling. If it weren’t for the imperial family’s precautions against the General Estate back then, she, who had been born useless, would not have been selected into the corps.

The crowd turned into an uproar, clamoring about this news.

No wonder a person praised by the imperial physicians would be a servant girl! If Yun Luofeng was incredibly talented in medicine as well, then they would wholeheartedly be willing to be her servants. Of course, the prerequisite was that she had this ability!

In this world, there were a countless number of prodigies, so what if this servant received a compliment? Her memory concerning medicinal herbs did not represent her ability.

In today’s gathering of prodigies, she did not have a good chance of winning.

Zhong Ling’er walked with her head held up high and her chest puffed out. Under the shocked, doubtful, and disdainful gazes of those people, she left the competition floor like a proud peacock and walked to the side of Yun Luofeng.

“Master, I won’t disappoint you.”

She must win against her opponent regardless of how hard she had to try.

“You’ve worked hard.” Yun Luofeng faintly smiled before turning her sight onto the competition floor again.

After Zhong Ling’er left, the remaining competitors also walked onto the stage one by one whenever the eunuch called their name.

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