Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 969 - Medical Competition (2)

Chapter 969: Medical Competition (2)

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“Oh?” Long Yuan raised his brows. “She’s the one who looked down on the people from the Lanxiang Kingdom?”

Logically, with his status, Long Yuan did not need to care about the Lanxiang Kingdom. However, the princess of the Lanxiang Kingdom was his most favored woman, so he naturally had to lend a hand.

“My dear consort.” Long Yuan squeezed Noble Consort Ling’s tender and smooth cheeks as he asked with a smile, “How do you want me to vent your anger for you?”

Noble Consort Ling’s cheeks reddened. “Your Majesty, you didn’t say whether people could fight during the competition, so I rigged the lot drawing already, and the one who she’ll face is someone from the Lanxiang Kingdom. I also ordered him to interfere with her competing.”

“Haha,” Long Yuan loudly laughed, his arm tightly holding Noble Consort Ling’s waist. “You can do whatever you want, my dear consort, Zhen will fulfill your wish.”

Long Yuan did truly love Noble Consort Ling. After gaining her, he had not visited any other concubine’s beds, so he naturally indulged all of her actions.

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” Noble Consort Ling turned joyful, her lips raised with a smile.

As she looked at Yun Luofeng, malice flashed through her gaze, and the smile on her lips deepened.

Yun Luofeng, you made the people from my Lanxiang Kingdom lose all their face that day, so I will make you pay it back a thousandfold today!

Inside the crowd, Yun Luofeng detected the malicious gaze and slowly looked up, meeting the anger-filled eyes of Noble Consort Ling. Besides fury, her eyes also contained a satisfied joy and had lost their previous tenderness and wit.

It was at this time that the eunuch’s voice pulled Yun Luofeng’s attention back to the competition.

“Next, Tian Qi, Zhong Ling’er!”

Zhong Ling’er started briefly before she took a deep breath and slowly walked up to the competition stage. On the stage, a eunuch already took out a new round of medicinal herbs and placed them on the table one by one.

“Oh, isn’t that the servant girl beside Yun Luofeng?”

“I know Tian Qi, he’s from the Fengyue Kingdom and studies under a great physician of the Fengyue Kingdom. Zhong Ling’er is only a servant girl, so she certainly isn’t that capable.”

“That’s right. If she had brilliant medical skills, how could she be willing to serve Yun Luofeng as a servant girl? From this, it can be seen that Tian Qi will certainly win!”

Everyone did not have a high opinion of Zhong Ling’er. In their eyes, if Zhong Ling’er was talented in medicine, she would not be a mere servant girl. Perhaps she did not even recognize any of the medicinal herbs.

Faced with the sounds of ridicule, Zhong Ling’er acted as though she did not hear it and picked up the brush, speedily writing on the white paper laid in front of her.

Seeing her actions, the audience was stunned.

“Is she really writing down the effects of those herbs?”

“No! I think she’s prideful and writing nonsense! If Tian Qi hands in the paper first, she will lose even if she doesn’t hand in her paper, and no one would know what nonsense she scrawled…”

Time passed second by second. Zhong Ling’er mannerism remained as placid as always, her brush skillfully flying over the paper.

In contrast, a cold sweat covered Tian Qi’s forehead. After every herb that he wrote down, he needed to contemplate for a moment before he could write down the next herb.

“Do you see? Zhong Ling’er brush has not stopped at all, which is to say she did not even think about it. This is completely abnormal. She isn’t one of those renowned godly doctors, so how could she write down the effects of a herb without thinking?”

Seeing this, the contempt on everyone’s face grew. They already determined that Zhong Ling’er was making things up.

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