Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 966 - Registering for the Three Categories (1)

Chapter 966: Registering for the Three Categories (1)
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After hearing the words ‘the Tianyun Kingdom’, the old man was clearly startled, but he did not hesitate to write down Yun Luofeng’s name.

Then, a benevolent smile appeared on his geriatric face and he said, “Alright, you can leave.”

There was no one else waiting to register behind Yun Luofeng, so the elderly man put away the paper after the last stroke.

“Tch, Yun Luofeng really registered for beast taming.”

“Haha, in truth, I quite admire her, being able to sign up so quickly. Do you think she casually signed up for a category because she didn’t want to wait in line?”

“Oh, look quickly! Yun Luofeng is heading for the fighting category.”

The person’s shocked voice was just heard, and Yun Luofeng already reached the other registration point and was silently waiting in the back of the line. Everyone’s brain exploded as they looked at the girl in white with eyes full of shock.

“She… she wants to sign up for two categories?”

“This is impossible, right? Although the times of each competition are separated, after one round of competition, they would definitely be spent and couldn’t participate in the next round in the best state. So, normally, people would not sign up for two categories at the same time.”

“That’s right, the other people from the Tianyun Kingdom still haven’t registered, so Yun Luofeng is surely accompanying them to register!”

The more they thought about it, the more they found it logical. Signing up for two categories in a row? How was that possible?! Even the prodigies from the top three kingdoms do not dare to risk it!

After all, failing one of the categories of competition would greatly impact the ranking.

As the sun moved higher up in the sky, the people at the registration points finally slowly petered off. However, they did not leave and were watching the Tianyun Kingdom team from the side with a sneer. Every prodigy who chose to register had to report their strength, which was why they were standing on the sidelines waiting to watch them humiliate themselves.

An emotionless voice rang. “Next.”

Compared to the benevolent old man at the registration point for beast taming, this person’s face was fairly prideful.

“The Tianyun Kingdom, Yun Luofeng. My strength is…” Yun Luofeng paused, a glint flashing through her eyes, “sky-level, advanced-rank.”

Hearing the girl’s indifferent voice, the mocking faces of the people around them turned to stupefaction, as though they were struck by lightning.

She… signed up?

And this woman was actually sky-level, advanced-rank?

At this moment, everyone’s expression was extraordinarily colorful, as though it was being dyed over and over again. Following her, booming voices rang through the entire street one after another.

“The Tianyun Kingdom, Ye Ximo, sky-level, advanced-rank!”

“The Tianyun Kingdom, Ye Ling, sky-level, intermediate-rank!”

“The Tianyun Kingdom, Qingyan, sky-level, low-rank.”

“The Tianyun Kingdom, Zhong Ling’er, sky-level, low-rank.”

“The Tianyun Kingdom, Gou Dan, earth-level…”

Sky-level spirit cultivator! Another sky-level spirit cultivator!

Since when did so many young sky-level cultivators appear in the Tianyun Kingdom?

They knew about Ye Ximo. In the Tianyun Kingdom, besides Princess Jiang Mengyao, only Ye Ximo had reached sky level! To no avail, the other people of the Tianyun Kingdom were too weak, so even if the two of them were fairly strong, they still could not lead so many trash.

However, all of these people were sky-level spirit cultivators?

After hearing the people of the Tianyun Kingdom report their strength, the expression of the talented youth from the Lanxiang Kingdom who wanted to antagonize Yun Luofeng earlier, Qiu Feihua, was exceptionally displeased.

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