Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 964 - Registering for the Competition (1)

Chapter 964: Registering for the Competition (1)
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“Sister.” Ye Ximo raised his brows and looked at the girl sitting in front of him, saying, “Tomorrow is registration day. Did you think about what competition you will sign up for?”

The Inter-kingdom Tournament was divided into three categories. The first was the medical arts, the second was fighting, and the third was beast taming.

Within these three categories, the first two were popular while the least popular was beast taming. Not many people headed to it. The reason was none other than the spiritual beasts of the Land of No Return were all extremely haughty and would not easily submit to a human. Taming them was more difficult than ascending to the heavens. Hence, very few people possessed spiritual beasts on the continent. If they could not tame these prideful spiritual beasts, they could not sign a contract with them nor could they order them to fight.

Yun Luofeng’s finger lightly stroked the edge of the teacup as her lips raised with a languid and wicked smile. “I am interested in all three categories of competition.”

In other words, she was going to register for all three categories.

Ye Ximo was taken aback and hesitantly said, “Although the competition has no rules against repeated registration, there has never been anyone who registered for more than two categories at the same time. Are you sure you can handle signing up for three categories?”

Regarding Yun Luofeng’s medical and fighting skill, Ye Ximo was confident in her. But the last category beast taming was not as simple…

“I either won’t do it or if I do it, I will do it the best.” Yun Luofeng slowly stood up, her dark eyes akin to starry, dark night, emitting a brilliant radiance.

She had never been someone who settled for being normal. Unless she did nothing, everything that she did must amaze the world!

Ye Ximo helplessly smiled. “Sister, since you already decided, then I will certainly support you as your brother. Only… the beast taming category is incredibly dangerous, so you should be cautious.”

Yun Luofeng faintly smiled. Her voice lazily said, “I’m tired.”

Ye Ximo wryly chuckled while shaking his head. “Then I won’t disturb you. Rest well. I will come and find you tomorrow.”

After saying this, he glanced at Yun Luofeng with complicated feelings before turning to leave. It seemed that his sister-in-law could always manage to give him an extreme fright. Even the top geniuses of the three Empires never contemplated registering for three categories at the same time.

Next day, daybreak

It was early in the morning, but the members of the corps were already exercising in the courtyard. Lin Ruobai and Ye Ximo were waiting for Yun Luofeng at the entrance.

Not long later, the tightly shut door was slowly opened. Upon seeing the white-clothed girl who appeared at the door, everyone went to greet her.

“Everyone’s here?” The girl stretched before looking at everyone inside the courtyard with a raised brow and saying, “Then we will head to the entrance of the rest station to register. All of you will choose to fight. Zhong Ling’er, you will sign up for two categories, one fighting, one medicine.”

During these past years, Yun Luofeng has taught Zhong Ling’er some medicine. Added with her self-study, although her medical skills could not compare with a master, she still had hope for winning among the youth.

“Yes,” Zhong Ling’er respectfully responded.

“Let’s go then.”

Having said this, Yun Luofeng took the initiative to leave the courtyard. Everyone else hurried to follow without a word.

Coincidentally, just as Yun Luofeng wanted to step out of the courtyard, a group of people wearing the Lanxiang Kingdom insignia all walked over.

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