Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 963 - Giving Someone a Hard Time (4)

Chapter 963: Giving Someone a Hard Time (4)
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“I didn’t expect the Tianhui Empire to be this highly principled, I was using the heart of a scoundrel to measure the heart of a gentleman.”

What—what was going on? Tian Kui was stupefied and dumbfoundedly looked at Yun Luofeng with eyes full of astonishment.

“Emissary Tian Kui, it was truly my fault just now. I was fussing too much over minor details. I can’t be compared with the honorable Tianhui Empire.”

Tian Kui still did not understand the meaning behind her words, but it did not mean he would not go along with it. He said, his face in total agreement, “You are right, our Tianhui Empire has always been honorable. It’s alright as long as you admit your mistake.”

“Oh, since it’s so, then I’ll have to trouble Emissary Tian Kui to empty the rooms of the Lanxiang Kingdom.” Yun Luofeng had a smile on her lips as she looked at Tian Kui.

Tian Kui’s expression completely shifted as he harshly asked, “What do you mean?”

“Emissary Tian Kui, I was overly calculating earlier and even used abandoning the competition to threaten you. But in order to retain us competitors from the Tianyun Kingdom, you did not mind sacrificing your friends from the Lanxiang Kingdom. Your selfless spirit is truly a model for others. I misunderstood you from the start.”

Tian Kui’s eyes widened in shock. When did he say he would empty the rooms of the Lanxiang Kingdom?

After hearing her words, the face of the people around them all showed their praise. After all, Tian Kui truly did quietly say something to Yun Luofeng, but they did not hear the contents because it was too quiet.

“Yun Luofeng, well played!” Tian Kui finally came to the realization that he had been swindled by this darn girl.

Now that the arrow was docked onto the bow, he had to shoot it. Besides denying Yun Luofeng’s words in public, he had no other solution. However, if he did that, then everyone would surely think that the Tianhui Empire was untrustworthy, and it would also cause the Empire’s reputation to plunge down.

“Fang Yu, we will discuss it with the people from the Lanxiang Kingdom.” Tian Kui harshly flicked his robe and turned around, entering the rest station.

The result was obvious.

Yun Luofeng had once caused the people of the Lanxiang Kingdom to lose face, so how could they yield their room at a time like this? Regardless of how Tian Kui persuaded them, they sat unmoving.

In the end, for lack of a better option, Tian Kui had to use the Princess of the Lanxiang Kingdom who married His Majesty and promise some compensation. Only then did the people of the Lanxiang Kingdom agree to relinquish their rooms.

Because of this, Tian Kui’s hatred for Yun Luofeng festered in his heart!

At the same time, the Lanxiang Kingdom was forced to relinquish their rooms. In the eyes of the populace, they would call the Lanxiang Kingdom virtuous, but the kingdoms who came to compete were all intelligent people. Who knew how they ridiculed them in their mind?

Hence, on top of Tian Kui, the haughty prodigies of the Lanxiang Kingdom also wished nothing more than to kill Yun Luofeng.

“Sister, you didn’t see the expressions of those people from the Lanxiang Kingdom just now?! It was nearly the same color as a pig liver! Hahaha, Big Brother hasn’t been this delighted in years.”

Inside the room, Ye Ximo had his arm placed on Yun Luofeng’s shoulder as he loudly guffawed. His voice was full of delight and youthful energy.

Yun Luofeng lightly sipped some tea with narrowed eyes. “I already said that I never lose. Whoever causes trouble for me, I will return it a thousandfold to them!”

If Tian Kui did not try to give her a hard time, it would not cause the Lanxiang Kingdom to suffer as well and cause him to be hated by the people of the Lanxiang Kingdom. Hence, he did all of this to himself!

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