Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 960 - Giving Someone a Hard Time (1)

Chapter 960: Giving Someone a Hard Time (1)
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The rays of the early morning sun sprinkled over every corner of the Ye Estate.

At this moment, inside the main court of the Ye Estate, Yun Luofeng was assessing the group of people standing in front of her. “This time, I am heading to the Tianhui Empire to compete in the Inter-kingdom Tournament. Because the Tianyun Kingdom has few talents, so I’ve decided to choose 20 people among you to leave with me.”

She paused briefly before continuing, “Zhong Ling’er, Qingyan, Ye Ling, you three will come with me. Qingyan and Ye Ling will choose the other people.”

“Yes, my lady.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Hearing this, Qingyan and Ye Ling stepped forward and lightly pointed at the list of the corp members before finally picking out 17 of the stronger ones.

“Miss, we’ve finished picking. Should we depart now?” Qingyan looked at Yun Luofeng and asked.

“No rush.” An evil glint flashed through Yun Luofeng’s eyes. “Our journey to the Tianhui Empire is very distant. It wouldn’t be good if we didn’t make all the necessary preparations.”

“Those two emissaries…” Ye Jingchen asked with raised brows, turning to Yun Luofeng.

“Let them wait.”

Before this, Ye Jingchen came to tell her that the two emissaries were already waiting for her at the city gate, which was why she was moving exasperatingly slow.

Hearing this, the corner of Ye Jingchen’s lips twitched. What needed preparations? She was clearly purposely stalling for time and making those two emissaries wait longer.

Thinking of this, Ye Jingchen helplessly shook his head. Having offended this black-bellied girl, those two emissaries will suffer quite a bit of pain.

Time slowly passed. It was not until noon that Yun Luofeng leisurely walked toward the city gate with a group of people. The majestic procession attracted innumerable people to watch from the sidelines.

After learning that Yun Luofeng was bringing a group of subordinates to compete in the tournament, the citizens of the Tianyun Kingdom could not help but shake their heads and sigh.

It looked like the Tianyun Kingdom would be the last place again! Even the descendants of the Imperial Family could not win, so how could a group of subordinates be victorious?

Hence, they did not have any concern for the tournament this time.

City Gate

The two emissaries were sweating buckets and nearly all of their patience was ground into dust. If he did not find it disgraceful to personally go to the Ye Estate to pick up Yun Luofeng, Tian Kui would have already gone there on a rampage.

While their fury dashed to the heavens from waiting, Yun Luofeng and her group arrived at a snail’s pace.

“Apologies, I’m late.”

Her first words were an apology, but her tone was completely unapologetic.

“My grandfather is quite clingy, and it’s my first time going on a long journey, so he kept holding onto me and wouldn’t let me leave, which is why I was delayed.”

Tian Kui’s expression was not too pleased.

Your old man is quite clingy? Your first time going on a long journey? Who are you deceiving?

He remembered that he heard Yun Luofeng went on a long journey when he first arrived in the Tianyun Kingdom, and he saw Old Man Yun living a life of indulgence and did not see him get ill from worry, so how could he be clingy?

However, since Yun Luofeng already explained it like this, there was nothing more they could say. Tian Kui could merely coldly say with a dark expression, “It’s late, let’s hurry and depart.”

After saying this, he flicked his robe and walked out of the city gate. Tian Kui was afraid that if he spoke any longer with Yun Luofeng, he would be unable to resist choking her to death!

This girl was different from Jian Chengwen. Jian Chengwen was at least frank and open, but she appeared to be a shameless individual.

Under the gaze of the many citizens of the Tianyun Kingdom, Yun Luofeng set off on her journey toward the Tianhui Empire. Her figure slowly disappeared from everyone’s sight until she was completely gone.


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