Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 958 - Separation (9)

Chapter 958: Separation (9)

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Thankfully, his heart was strong enough to handle it, so he was not angered to death by her.

“Grandfather, it was my fault, don’t be angry. What if you harm your health?” Yun Luofeng went up to him with a smile. “What’s more, I came back with a present this time.”

The old man pridefully snorted. “No present is more valuable than you birthing a fat baby. What about Yun Xiao? Why did you come back alone?”

“Yun Xiao has something to take care of and can’t come back for now. You will definitely like the present that I brought back for you.” Yun Luofeng pulled out a yellow fruit from her space ring. “This is a Poison Immunity Fruit. After you consume this, you will be impervious to poison.

Poison Immunity Fruit?

The elderly man glanced at Yun Luofeng with suspicion. “Are you sure I will truly be impervious to poison after I eat this? Why do I feel like it has a hard-to-describe smell? Tell me the truth, did you pick this fruit out of the toilet?”

This fruit was not picked out of the toilet, but it was dug out from the toilet by Xiao Mo… Of course, Yun Luofeng absolutely would not tell this to the old man.

“The Poison Immunity Fruit smells like this. If you don’t want it, forget it. I will give it to someone else.” After saying this, Yun Luofeng acted like she was going to put away the Poison Immunity Fruit, causing the old man to hastily snatch it from her.

“How could you give something good like this to someone else? You must use it to show filial respect to this old man! Even if you picked it out of the toilet, this old man isn’t afraid.”

Yun Luofeng cheerfully lowered her hand and extracted several vermilion-colored fruits from her space ring. These fruits all emitted an indescribable smell, making people nauseous.

“Father, Mother, Second Uncle, you are at god level right now. This Millenium Blood Fruit can help you raise a rank.”

Originally, Little Tree only took out one Millenium Blood Fruit. Later, under her threats and promises, he spat out several more. The little guy once turned into a human but turned back into a sapling for unknown reasons.

It was because of this the Yun Luofeng guessed this was not all of his supply.

“You said… this Millenium Blood Fruit can make us break through a rank?”

Jun Fengling and Ye Jingchen looked at each other and saw the shock in each other’s eyes. In contrast, Yun Qingya was much calmer. He had seen too much of her niece’s abilities over the past years, so he had long since stopped being as shocked as other people.

Hence, he silently took a Thousand Spirit Fruit and consumed it without a grimace.


A powerful spiritual energy spiraled above Yun Qingya’s head, creating an intense storm.

He broke through?

Jun Fengling’s eyes widened. This Millenium Blood Fruit truly made Yun Qingya break through?

Recalling how Yun Luofeng allowed her to break through earlier, Jun Fengling’s heart became more excited and she swiftly took a Millenium Blood Fruit and ate it without any hesitation.

Seeing this, Ye Jingchen did not hesitate any more. Regardless of how bad the Millenium Blood Fruit smelled, the seductiveness of breaking through was greater.

“What is happening?”

The simultaneous appearance of the three level-up storms lured Ye Tian over here. When he saw the three people currently breaking through, he was shocked beyond words.

What… what was going on? Why did three people break through at the same time?

Also, Jun Fengling had not been god-level intermediate-rank for that long, so she logically should not have broken through so fast…

After breaking through, Ye Jingchen caught sight of the stupefied Ye Tian and touched his nose. “Coincidence, nothing more than a coincidence.”

F**k your coincidence! Ye Tian nearly faceplanted and furiously glared at Ye Jingchen.


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