Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 954 - Separation (5)

Chapter 954: Separation (5)

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At this time, a high-pitch voice was suddenly heard. “His Majesty is here.”

His Majesty?

Jian Chengwen was briefly taken aback before immediately standing up inside the pavilion with eyes full of confusion. Why did His Majesty come at a time like this?

While Jian Chengwen was puzzled by the situation, the casually dressed Emperor was slowly walking over with two people. After seeing those two people, Jian Chengwen’s expression instantly shifted.

“Your Majesty.” He suppressed the bewilderment in his heart and reverently bowed to the Emperor before asking, “May I ask why Your Majesty came to the Ye Estate?”

“Zhen came here for Miss Yun today. Has she not returned yet?” The Emperor looked around with a questioning look.

Jian Chengwen’s expression became more unsightly. “Your Majesty, did you come here to have little Luofeng participate in the Inter-kingdom Tournament? I’m afraid this is… unsuitable.”

“Why is it unsuitable?” The Emperor’s eyes were brimming with incomprehension.

This was an opportunity for Yun Luofeng to take over the continent by storm, so why would Jian Chengwen, who had always had a good relationship with Yun Luofeng, oppose this? Moreover, besides Yun Luofeng, the current Tianyun Kingdom did not have any other youth who could succeed in this.

“This…” Jian Chengwen hesitantly glanced at the two people standing beside the Emperor. How could he say out loud the things that Yun Luofeng would do in front of those two?

“Little Luofeng is still young. I beg Your Majesty to please find someone else.”

“Not a problem.” The Emperor clearly did not understand the worry in Jian Chengwen’s heart. He waved his hand and said, “Zhen believes in her.”

Jian Chengwen nearly launched into a tirade. Wasn’t having Yun Luofeng participate in the tournament the same as helping her make enemies? How could Jian Chengwen agree to this?

“What? Does your esteemed kingdom not have any youths who could participate?” The man standing to the left of the Emperor finally could not keep his composure and coldly stated, “If there wasn’t anyone who could participate, you should have said it sooner so that I didn’t need to waste time here! Also, the other kingdoms have already sent their teams over, you are the only one remaining.”

“Sir Tian Kui.” Jian Chengwen frowned. “Please give us a little more time. We plan to search for talents from the populace to participate.”

The two emissaries who came here this time were not people from the Lanxiang Kingdom. After all, with the Lanxiang Kingdom’s status, it was not qualified to help organize the tournament.

On the continent, there were three top kingdoms! Every tournament was hosted and organized by one of these three kingdoms, and it would be this kingdom’s emissaries who went to invite every kingdom to come. This time, the two emissaries came from the Tianhui Empire!

Empire! Only those three powerful kingdoms could be labeled with that word! Other kingdoms were unworthy of the label. From this, the three kingdom’s prestige on the continent could be seen.

“Humph!” Tian Kui snorted, his nose high up in the air. “Those princes and princesses of your Tianyun Kingdom can’t participate in the tournament, neither can the daughters of officials, so how could the talents of the populace have this strength? I even especially came here to invite the Tianyun Kingdom, and this is your attitude? Let me tell you something while I’m at it. After discussion among the various kingdoms, it’s been decided that the three kingdoms in the last three places will be supplanted.”

What he meant was the three kingdoms ranked the lowest would disappear in the long river of history. And the territory of those kingdoms would be partitioned by the other kingdoms.

Upon hearing this, the Emperor’s expression instantly shifted. He hurriedly calmed his mind and said, “Emissary Tian Kui, give me three more days. In three days, I will choose the talents.”


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