Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 953 - Separation (4)

Chapter 953: Separation (4)
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Besides reaching god-level, intermediate-rank after dual-cultivating with Yun Xiao the first time, she obtained a decent amount of rewards during the succeeding times. Added with Yun Xiao being busy all of last night, it had made her reach the border of a breakthrough. She was simply missing an opportunity to successfully level up to god-level, advanced-rank.

A god-level, advanced-rank spirit cultivator was only a step away from a sage-level cultivator and could be considered as a strong person in the Land of No Return! She would not be bullied as people pleased like she was initially.

Abruptly, Yun Luofeng’s eyes shot open. Her dark eyes, which resembled the night sky, revealed an incomprehensible light.

What was it like above sage level?

There would eventually be a day where she stepped into that realm as well. She also believed that the realm was not too distant from her.

The Ye Estate

Inside the tranquil courtyard, Yun Qingya was currently aloofly tasting his tea. His posture was graceful and noble, and there was a faint smile on his cool features.

Sitting opposite of him was a handsome man. The man’s features were chiseled and his straight brows contained a killing intent leftover from his years of fighting on the battlefield.

However, faced with an old friend, he did constrain his aura.

“Qingya, we haven’t seen each other in many years. Unfortunately, your elder brother and sister-in-law are no longer with us.”

Recalling the memories of the past, Jian Chengwen unconsciously grew melancholic.

Time was like water, and the years flew by. In the blink of an eye, more than a decade had passed. His brother and his beautiful wife from back then also washed away with time and disappeared in the endless river that was history.

Yun Qingya’s features carried a trace of sorrow. He set down the teacup in his hands and calmly said, “Brother and Sister’s deaths were caused by crafty scoundrels. If it weren’t for that, Feng’er wouldn’t have suffered so many grievances during these years.”

If her parents were still alive, no one would dare to touch a single hair of Yun Luofeng in the entire Longyuan Kingdom. Who didn’t know that his sister-in-law appeared gentle but was fierce and staunch on the inside? How could she permit anyone to hurt her daughter?

“Brother Jian, you didn’t come here today to merely reminisce with me, right?” Yun Qingya faintly smiled. His peaceful voice was like a breeze and appeared to be able to soothe the wounds in other people’s hearts.

Jian Chengwen wryly chuckled. “It’s because I have nowhere to vent my unhappiness that I sought you out. I suppose you have already heard that it’s the Inter-kingdom Tournament soon. The younger generation of our Tianyun Kingdom is truly worthless, and none of them are presentable. The officials have been quarreling nonstop about this matter, so I came here to seek some peace and quiet.”

“Brother Jian, let me give you an advice. Absolutely don’t find little Luofeng for this matter.” Yun Qingya chuckled. “Otherwise, with that girl’s personality, any kingdom that offends her, she will certainly go to that kingdom and turn it upside down.”

If it were anyone else, when they spoke of their niece’s insufferably arrogant personality, they would certainly have a few notes of scolding in it. But Yun Qingya did not. Although he spoke those words, his tone was filled with pampering affection and indulgence and did not have a trace of criticism.

The corner of Jian Chengwen’s lips twitched. In truth, with her personality, how would Yun Luofeng be willing to suffer any grievances? If she was bullied by another kingdom’s prodigies during the tournament, she would probably beat them up on the spot.

At that time, the heavens would truly be turned upside down.

“I think His Majesty seems to intend for little Luofeng to save the show. I will definitely go back and persuade him otherwise. Otherwise, I reckon that many kingdoms will jointly complain about the Tianyun Kingdom.” Jian Chengwen stroked his chin. “Though I would really like to see little Luofeng give those lawless and unruly people a good beating.”


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