Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 951 - Separation (2)

Chapter 951: Separation (2)
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“However…,” his eyes shifted and looked at Yun Xiao, “I’m very interested in the cultivation method that you study. Are you willing to leave with me? I can help you become stronger.”

Yun Xiao coldly glanced at the elderly man, his face devoid of emotion. “I decline!”

“Son, don’t refuse me so fast. Your talent and strength are quite good, and your abilities are formidable as well. You were actually able to rely on your strength alone to forcefully rip open the Xuanyin Valley old man’s prison space. I do admire that a lot, but you’ve attracted a very strong enemy. If you want to protect the little girl beside you, I can help you, but the condition is for you to leave with me.”

Yun Xiao’s voice was low and domineering. “I can protect her.”

The elderly man lightly narrowed his eyes. “Don’t you want to become more powerful?”

The word “power” held a potent attraction to many people, so the old man believed Yun Xiao would not be able to reject him anymore once he asked that question. However, he thought wrong.

Yun Xiao’s face was as cold as always; he was not moved at all by these words.

“Ah.” The elderly man lightly sighed and shook his head with helplessness. ” A melon that is forcefully squeezed isn’t sweet 1 , so I won’t force you to join my faction. However, if you come around to it, you can come and find me at any time.”

Yun Xiao had his own indifference and pride. It was impossible to make him submit and bow to someone! Hence, he would not choose to join any faction and would only create his own empire!

“How about this, I will point you to a shortcut.” The cold man smiled. “The most powerful cultivator in the Land of No Return is only at sage level. However, one will not improve without strong enemies. In two days, a passage will open up. After you enter that passage, you will head to a stronger world, the place that the Xuanyin Valley old man and I come from.”

Evidently, the old man had great admiration for Yun Xiao, so he was willing to lend him a hand.

“The last time this passage opened was several years ago. This time, it is two days from now. If you miss this chance, you will have to wait a few years again.”

Yun Xiao turned silent. He could feel the girl beside him tighten her hold on his hand. He unconsciously reversed the hold and grasped her icy cool hand.

“Feng’er, let’s go.” He turned to face Yun Luofeng, his cold features instantly turning gentle.

Yun Luofeng imperceptibly nodded. Before she left, she subconsciously glanced at the old man in a long, flax-colored robe who was lightly stroking his beard.

The old man did not turn angry from their impolite actions because he understood that Yun Xiao definitely wanted to head to the other world.

In the inn at the base of the mountain, inside a warm and comfortable room, Yun Xiao carefully placed Yun Luofeng on the bed and lowered his head, kissing the girl. His kiss was extremely gentle as they tossed and turned on the bed and he called her name over and over again.


The man’s voice was deep and low with a magnetic quality to it, easily teasing people’s hearts.

“Yun Xiao,” Yun Luofeng turned her head, avoiding the man’s kiss, “are you planning to… leave?”

The man froze. His eyes, as dark as night, intently watched the girl as he pressed her against the bed, and he grew silent.

In an instant, the entire room’s atmosphere turned tense.

It was a long while before he spoke. “Feng’er, you won’t forever remain in the Land of No Return. At that time, when you travel to another world, you will be without any safeguards. I want to scout the road for you first.”


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