Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 949 - Presents from Little Tree (2)

Chapter 949: Presents from Little Tree (2)

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“No, you can’t!”

“Then… can you give it to the Hamster Queen first? After all, she is also a god-level spirit cultivator, and she can also take this Anthropomorphosis Fruit.”

Unfortunately, he was too naive.

Milk Tea wanted to hide behind the Hamster Queen, but Little Tree continued to scratch his bottom and pulled out another Anthropomorphosis Fruit…

He was desperate and looked at Yun Luofeng with a deathly gray face.

“One for each of you, take it.”

Yun Luofeng hinted that the two should fetch the fruits themselves.

The Hamster Queen didn’t mind it. For her, as long as she could improve her strength, she would be willing to eat anything.

If a spiritual beast took a human shape, it would be possible for it to become a sage-level spirit cultivator. However, if not, it would stay in the god-level realm in the rest of its life.

Gaping at her, Milk Tea watched as the Hamster Queen swallowed the fruit without frowning, and the corners of his mouth twitched. How could she eat something taken out of Little Tree’s butt so easily?!

While he was trying to find an excuse, Yun Luofeng’s eyes had fallen on him…

Milk Tea trembled and slowly walked towards Yun Luofeng as if marching to the field of execution. He took over the fruit from Yun Luofeng with his trembling little paw, closed his eyes and stuck it into his mouth.


Milk Tea swallowed the fruit without chewing it. When the fruit reached his stomach, he felt cold on his lower abdomen and quickly sat down to cultivate.

“Master, it’s going to take some time for them to take the shape of a human being.”

Xiao Mo looked sympathetically at Milk Tea. If it were him, he might not be able to eat it.

“What else do you have besides Anthropomorphosis Fruit?” Yun Luofeng asked, looking at Little Tree.

Little Tree blinked and stuck his fingers into his butt again. In a moment, he pulled out a light yellow fruit.

“It’s Poison Immunity Fruit! After taking the fruit, you will be immune to poison.”

Poison Immunity?

Yun Luofeng carefully took out a piece of cloth and wrapped it. She could give the fruit to her grandfather.

“What else?” Yun Luofeng continued.

This time, it took Little Tree quite a while to pull out another fruit.

Compared with the other two, this fruit was bright red, as if there was blood in this translucent fruit.

“It’s a Millennium Blood Fruit!” Xiao Mo became more excited, “Taking this fruit, a god-spirit level cultivator can level up, and if a sky-spirit level cultivator takes it, they can immediately become a god-level spirit cultivator! However, spirit cultivators below sky level can’t take it, or they will explode.

It had such a great function?

A special light glittered in Yun Luofeng’s eyes. However, after smelling the fruit, she took out a piece of cloth and wrapped it once again.

“Master, aren’t you going to take it?” Xiao Mo asked, looking puzzled at Yun Luofeng.

Yun Luofeng nodded slightly, “I can make breakthroughs myself. I don’t need the Millennium Blood Fruit.”

Xiao Mo looked at her serious face, and the corners of his mouth twitched. Obviously, Master didn’t want to take the fruit taken out of Little Tree’s butt, but she just refused it with some self-righteous words.

If Milk Tea, who was in the middle of cultivation, saw this, he would certainly jump with anger.

“Anything else? Yun Luofeng put away Millennium Blood Fruit and continued to ask.

Little Tree shook his head, giggled and opened his arms to Yun Luofeng, asking for a hug.

Yun Luofeng picked up Little Tree and looked at Xiao Mo, raising her eyebrows, “Where did he get these fruits?”

“Master, he’s a tree. A tree will bear fruits, but I didn’t expect that he could bear three different kinds of fruits. And to be honest, I don’t know when he will bear these fruits again.”


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