Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 946 - Changes of the Tree Seed (1)

Chapter 946: Changes of the Tree Seed (1)

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“Not long ago, you took me away from the auction house and accidentally dripped a drop of your blood onto my root, so I began to produce consciousness. With that drop of blood, we’ve made a contract, so you can’t die.”

The auction house?

Yun Luofeng paused, “Are you the tree seed?”

At the auction, Xiao Mo told her that the tree seed was very special, but she didn’t expect a tree could have consciousness.

“I finally got a chance to contact you today, and soon my consciousness will disappear, so let me finish,” the voice sounded again. “Master, you must bring me up. After you become a sage-level spirit cultivator, you can go to other continents, where you will come across countless risks. But if you take me with you, I can help you.”

Bring it up?

What did it mean?

When Yun Luofeng wanted to continue to ask it things, her soul shook and she could feel that the consciousness disappeared…

“Yun Luofeng, what is this monster you summoned?”

Valley Master wielded his sword to cut the vines, only to find that these vines were as hard as diamond and too hard to cut off, no matter how hard he tried. The old man was almost suffocated by them, his eyes wide open and bloodshot, and his limbs seemed like they would be torn off at any moment.

“Where is Yun Xiao?

Losing her mind at first, Yun Luofeng was unable to think rationally. But now she could tell that Valley Master must be lying after she came to her senses.

Yun Xiao must still be alive.


Hearing her words, the old man laughed sarcastically and said in his old, dry voice, “If you don’t let me go, you’ll never see him again in your life!”

“Really?” Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows, “Little Tree, tear him apart!”

Taking her order, the vines began to pull harder on the old man’s limbs. The old man hurriedly shouted because the vines were going to tear his limbs off his body, “Stop, stop now! I promise you I’ll let you see him again as soon as you let me go.”

At this point, the old man finally conceded and yielded to Yun Luofeng.

Go with the flow! As for revenge, there will be plenty of opportunities for me!

As soon as the old man conceded, he felt that the vines tearing at him relaxed, and he heaved a sigh of relief…


However, the next minute, a space-tearing noise was heard. The old man suddenly froze and raised his eyes. When he saw a hand reaching out of the black hole, his eyes suddenly widened.

“Impossible, this is impossible!

His face turned ghastly pale, and he gaped in horror at the cold-looking man who had climbed out of the black hole.


Ignoring the old man, Yun Xiao rushed to Yun Luofeng, a worried look in his dark eyes. “The old man’s space was too hard, so it took me some time to tear it open. Have you been injured?”

The old man almost spat blood when he heard his words.

Where the h*ll was this guy from? He had locked him up in the black hole, but he had torn it?

Was this guy… really just a sage-level spirit cultivator?

“Yun Xiao, are you…alright?”

No one knew how afraid she was when she saw Yun Xiao disappear. She never wanted to go through that fear again! Yun Luofeng hugged him tightly with her left hand, and stuck her head into his arms, a happy smile on her lips.

Thank God! He came back safely!

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