Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 944 - Someone of the Xuanyin Valley (1)

Chapter 944: Someone of the Xuanyin Valley (1)
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“I’ll only have you as my wife,” the man raised his cold face, “if anyone else dares to pretend to be my wife, she’ll have one and only end.”


The murderous aura surged out of his body. His black figure flashed and the next moment, he appeared in front of Hunyu. A sharp thorn suddenly appeared in his hand, and he stabbed it into Hunyu’s heart…

He would only have Yun Luofeng as his woman!

Anyone who annoyed Yun Luofeng would only have one end!

Hunyu shuddered, looked down at her broken chest, and stared at Yun Xiao in shock.

“I saved you. Why did you… ”

Why did you kill me?

Until she died, she didn’t get an answer from Yun Xiao. She didn’t hurt him and she just wanted to become his wife while he was unconscious.

Why did he kill her for such a small matter?


Hunyu’s body fell to the ground. With her eyes wide open, she died with an everlasting grievance.


Seeing his daughter die, Valley Master didn’t feel sad but laughed wildly.

“You fools! We Xuanyin Valley used to be so strong that all the kingdoms united together couldn’t defeat us, but now we are reduced to the current situation! Do you know why?”

Valley Master sneered, “That’s because our powerful masters have all left here, including my father, who was already a sage-level spirit cultivator! But my father placed a seal into Yu’er’s body. If she died, he will appear! I never expected that you would dare to kill Yu’er!”

That was why Valley Master hadn’t stopped Yun Xiao just now. It was worth it to sacrifice a daughter for the revitalization of the Xuanyin Valley! It was a pity that the one who his ancestors asked them to fawn on had become the Xuanyin Valley’s enemy.

Since Yun Xiao couldn’t become his man, then he could only kill him before he grew up!

“Who killed my granddaughter?

As soon as Valley Master finished, an old voice suddenly came from the sky. At the same time, a powerful pressing power came from above, and all the guests who came to attend the wedding had knelt on the floor and couldn’t move.

“Master! Flee!”

Huohuo cried out in alarm. Her body had turned stiff under the pressing power and her eyes were filled with fear, “This man is very strong. Run!”

“Milk Tea, Huohuo, go back and wait for me.”

Looking at the hamsters that clearly couldn’t resist the pressure, Yun Luofeng waved her hand and took them all back.

Looking at Yun Luofeng’s movements, Yun Xiao frowned. From what he knew of Yun Luofeng, she used to use her right hand, but now she used her left hand when taking back the hamsters.


Unfortunately, Yun Xiao didn’t have the time to think about it. The old man in the sky had begun to attack Yun Luofeng.

He rushed toward Yun Luofeng, held her waist and moved a few steps sideways with her. Yun Xiao looked deep into Yun Luofeng’s eyes and said, “Wait for me off to the side. I’ll deal with him.” Then he let go of the girl in his arms, and a deadly light flashed through his cold, dark eyes.

“Father,” Valley Master glared at Yun Luofeng and Yun Xiao, and turned to the old man, “This man is the person in our ancestor’s prophecy.”

As the former Master of the Xuanyin Valley, how could the old man not know their ancestor’s prophecy?

His aloof eyes turned to Yun Xiao, and he pondered for a while, “He is that man? In that case, the man can’t die yet! But he’ll be a trouble here. Let me lock him up first!”


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