Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 937 - Yun Xiao 's Whereabouts (2)

Chapter 937: Yun Xiao ‘s Whereabouts (2)

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The man, even unconscious, was still resisting her touch…

He didn’t even allow her to touch his face! It felt like a virtuous woman trying to guard her chastity for her husband.

“Miss, what happened?”

Hearing the noise in the room, the guards guarding outside hurriedly broke into the room.

Hunyu quickly wiped the blood from her lower mouth and stood up from the ground, her face as mild and aloof as usual.

“Nothing happened. I just had a fall. Don’t make a fuss. You can leave now.”

“Yes!” The guards didn’t dare to say anything more, made an obeisance and left.

Hunyu didn’t want to stay here long. She turned her head and looked at the unconscious man in bed, a complex gleam in her beautiful eyes. She didn’t know whether it was right or not to take her father’s order!

Neither did she know whether she had made a huge mistake to fall in love with this man at first sight…

Even if she had, she was willing to continue this mistake.

Thinking of this, Hunyu turned around and disappeared into the bright sunshine.

In a jungle not far from Xuanyin Mountain, when Yun Luofeng was pushing aside the tangled grasses with her sword, she smelled a faint smell of blood.

“Master, let me check it.”

Also smelling it, Huohuo jumped and quickly disappeared into the distance. After quite a while, her cry of surprise was heard, “Master, it’s Qin Yuan. He’s injured.”

Qin Yuan?

Yun Luofeng was stunned and quickly ran towards her direction. Then she found Qin Yuan who was lying in a cave, unconscious.

It seemed that Qin Yuan had been lying here for a long time and the blood under his body had turned brown. His breathing was so weak that it seemed it could disappear at any moment.

Seeing Qin Yuan’s condition, Yun Luofeng felt her heart miss a beat.

Did Yun Xiao really have an accident?

She really regretted it. She should not have allowed him to leave alone because she was over-confident in his power.

“Huohuo, get out of the way.”

Yun Luofeng got serious and hurriedly asked Huohuo to step aside. Then she took a spiritual herb out of the space ring and fed it into Qin Yuan’s mouth. However, perhaps because Qin Yuan was too seriously wounded, this spiritual herb didn’t work on him. Having no time to think, Yun Luofeng took out a handful of spiritual herbs and stuck them into his mouth.


Choking on the juices from the spiritual herbs, Qin Yuan coughed and slowly opened his eyes, only to see a beautiful and familiar face that was filled with rage, and he was startled.

“Mi… Mistress, why are you here?”

Qin Yuan had not recovered from his wounds, so his voice was weak and faintly timid.

“Where is Yun Xiao?”

Yun Luofeng asked in a cold voice, raising her eyebrows.

Qin Yuan gave a wry smile. “Several days ago, Master found the whereabouts of Bai Su. We tracked him here and Master had successfully caught him. However, when Master was going to kill him, he suddenly had a breakthrough…”

The technique Yun Xiao cultivated was a bit special. Every time he had a breakthrough, he would become extremely vulnerable.

Who would expect that he had a breakthrough in the fight with Bai Su, which immediately crippled him!

“Bai Su took the chance to attack and seriously injure him. I tried my best to take Master away and hide in the Xuanyin Mountains, both of us severely injured. However, unexpectedly, we met the disciples of the Xuanyin Valley…”

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