Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 934 - Yun Xiao Left (3)

Chapter 934: Yun Xiao Left (3)

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“Master, we’re willing to follow you and conquer the Continent of No Return!”

Yes! Their target was not just a small kingdom but the whole continent…

In today’s world, only Yun Luofeng dared to say this! This girl was unruly and domineering. Even if God offended her, she would fight against God, let alone the people on this continent.

Jun Fengling finally understood why she had so many loyal subordinates, because every word she said could easily arouse their emotions, and made people believe her unconditionally…

Thinking of this, she turned her eyes to the girl standing in the crowd.

She looked strikingly beautiful in her snow-white robe. With an arrogant look, she stood in the breeze, releasing a proud and domineering aura. She never belonged to a little pond, and as long as her time came, she would roam in the boundless sea where she really belonged.

This was her destiny!

Jun Fengling felt lucky that her son met Yun Luofeng in the vast sea of people…and gained her love.

“Where is my grandson-in-law’s mother?

Yun Luo looked around with his eyes wide open. Before he came here, he had heard that Yun Xiao’s mother was still alive, so the first person he wanted to meet here was her…

“Master Yun.”

Jun Fengling smiled and walked up to him, “I am Yun Xiao’s mother. I should thank you for raising such an excellent granddaughter so that I can have such a perfect daughter-in-law.”

“Of course,” Yun Luo said proudly. If he had a tail, he would have stuck up his tail high into the sky, “My granddaughter is the best girl in the world.”

Fortunately, he didn’t have a tail.

As if feeling Yun Luofeng’s reproachful eyes, Yun Luo coughed and tried to keep a low profile, “Actually, I liked Yun Xiao very much the first moment I saw him and I had long been planning to make him my grandson-in-law! Yun Xiao’s mother, now that we’re both here, why don’t we hold a wedding for them? Then I won’t need to worry about them anymore. By the way, where is Yun Xiao?”

Yun Luofeng’s face darkened and she sighed, “Yun Xiao is away and it might take him some time to come back. We can hold their wedding after he comes back.”

“Oh, I see,” Yun Luo said in a downcast voice. “Then we’ll have to wait a few days more. Anyway, the wedding cannot be delayed once again. Let’s hold it as soon as Yun Xiao comes back.”

“That would be the best.”

Finding the topic they were both interested in, Jun Fengling and Yun Luo smiled at each other with pleasure.

“Xiao’er also said that he wanted to hold the wedding as soon as you came here. Now we are all here, it’s just the right time to do it.” Jun Fengling smiled and walked up to Yun Luo, “From now on, we are one family. Please make the Ye Family your home. We’re really glad to live with you.”

Then the two persons, who couldn’t wait to see their children get married, began to discuss the details of the wedding as if there was no one else present…

Yun Luofeng slightly raised the corners of her mouth and looked up into the blue sky, a worried look in her eyes.

Yun Xiao, when will you come back?

After a long discussion, Yun Luo finally went to the Ye Family with the others.

To Yun Luofeng’s surprise, Yun Luo hit it off with Ye Tian, the Ye Family’s old diehard, and the two soon became tea friends and enjoyed tea together every day, regretting they hadn’t met earlier. Due to this Yun Luofeng suffered a great loss. The spiritual teas stored in her space ring were almost all exhausted.

Especially Ye Tian, compared with the stingy Yun Luo, he was so generous as to treat his guests with the spiritual tea. The Ye Family had to receive guests every day recently, and even the Emperor had visited the Ye Family several times, just to take a sip of the spiritual tea…

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