Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 933 - Yun Xiao Left (2)

Chapter 933: Yun Xiao Left (2)

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Ye Ling strode forward, flicked his sleeves, half knelt before Yun Luofeng and said respectfully, “I have brought the Steel Corps here. From now on, we’ll follow you and fight on the battlefield!”

“Miss,” Qingyan came out with a smile, “I have brought the Raging Flame Corps here. Miss, we will always back you!”

At this moment, all the members of the two Corps got on their knees, and their voices rang throughout the streets of the imperial city.

“We are willing to follow Master and fight until we die!”

Since Yun Luofeng changed them from trashes to powerful martial masters, they had been determined to fight for her in the rest of their lives and never shrink back! Had it not been for her, they would still have lived a miserable life. She had given them dignity and the status they had today!

It was their honor to fight with her on the battlefield and even die for her!

Jun Fengling looked at those members in astonishment, her attractive slanted eyes full of shock. It was true that many people would die for their masters, but no one would regard death as an honor. However, she could see from their faces that they really took it as an honor to die for Yun Luofeng on the battlefield!

This girl… How did she train such a loyal group of subordinates?

“It seems that you’ve worked hard these days and have made good progress.” Yun Luofeng gently stroked her chin, and examined the members of the corps with a special gleam in her eyes, “Ye Ling, have you become a sky-level low-rank spirit cultivator?”

Ye Ling touched his head and laughed. “I was just lucky. I got a good chance, with which I managed to become a sky-level spirit cultivator by a fluke!”

“Not bad, keep it up,” Yun Luofeng raised her eyebrows and look around the crowd with a confident look. “Now that you’ve come here, you can start a new chapter in your lives here as led by me! As long as you can bear hardship, I will surely bring you a bright future on this Continent of No Return!”

Hearing her words, all the people were excited, and their breathing quickened.

Then the girl’s inspiring voice slowly rang again.

“When we were on the Longxiao Continent, our Yun Family used to be small, weak and vulnerable. But now, who on the Longxiao Continent would dare to offend the Yun Family?”

Indeed, the Yun Family used to be so weak that anyone could trample on it. Had it not been for the sudden appearance of Yun Luofeng, the Yun Family would not become the great power it was today that no one dared to offend!

“And all of you have played a great role in it!

Upon hearing this, the people looked more excited. Was Master telling them that they had contributed a lot to the Yun Family’s growth? For a loyal subordinate, no prize was better than their master’s praise.

Then her exciting voice sounded again.

“But it’s far from being enough to only conquer the Longxiao Continent! I want to stand at the top of the world! Are you willing to stand there together with me?”

“Yes, we are!” The excited voices resounded through the sky.

They believed that as long as they faithfully followed Yun Luofeng, someday all of them would become invincibly powerful!

“Good, very good, now the Tianyun Kingdom where we stay is the weakest kingdom on this continent! Take a rest first, and then follow me to conquer the continent!”

If it was before, Yun Luofeng would not meddle in it. Yes, the Tianyun Kingdom was the weakest, so what? What did it have to do with her?

However, the Lanxiang Kingdom had offended her.

She believed that if she didn’t prepare in advance, she would surely receive revenge from the Lanxiang Kingdom in the coming days! So, she’d better take the initiative to gain the upper hand!

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