Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 929 - Envoys of Another Country (4)

Chapter 929: Envoys of Another Country (4)

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Of course, he also believed that no one in the Ye Family dared to hurt him! Even the grumpy Jun Fengling would not dare to do anything to him, the envoy of the Lanxiang Kingdom…

This was why he dared to be so arrogant. Unfortunately, he missed one person…a person even more grumpy than Jun Fengling!


Just as the envoy was making sarcastic remarks, a foot suddenly came from behind him and kicked him hard on the head. With a thud, his body suddenly flew out and heavily fell into the crowd. The guards accompanying him were so stunned that they didn’t come back to their senses until a long time later, and then they hurriedly surrounded the white-robed girl who was standing under the moonlight.

“You…” The envoy struggled to get up from the ground, his hair hanging loosely over his back and his face ferocious, “How dare you attack me! Guards, catch this woman!”


Just as the guards pulled out their weapons and were about to attack Yun Luofeng, they suddenly felt a cold aura from behind. Before they had the time to react, the aura had struck them and slammed their bodies onto the ground.

In the shades of night, the man’s black robe seemed to blend into the darkness, but even so, nothing could cover up his handsome and cold face. He stood silently beside the white-robed girl, like a loyal guard, guarding the one he was willing to protect with the rest of his life.

Those guards, terrified by the man’s cold stare, felt a chill on their backs and dared not to look at him again.

The white-robed woman moved again…

Without any sign, she appeared in front of the envoy, kicked hard on his chest with her right foot, and his body immediately flew away.

“Ye Tian!” The envoy covered his aching chest with his hand and roared, “How dare your Ye Family people attack me, the envoy of the Lanxiang Kingdom! I order you to arrest the two! Otherwise, I’ll never let you go!”

Ye Tian turned away, pretending not to hear him.

When he was going to open his mouth again, Yun Luofeng swung her arm and shot a silver needle into his body.


At this moment, he felt as if thousands of holes suddenly appeared on the surface of his body, and he cried shrilly and trembled all over.

“Good! Very good, it seems that you’ve forgotten the rule! I will report this to our emperor and apply for a punishment on the Tianyun Kingdom as soon as I return!”

The envoy thought Yun Luofeng would surely be terrified by his words, but she still smiled lazily and leisurely, a wicked smile hovering over her lips.

“Can you prove that I attacked you first?” Yun Luofeng spread her hands. “It’s obvious that you challenged me because you thought I was weak. I didn’t accept it but you still attacked me! I just tried to protect myself.”

Staring at the girl’s cheeky face, the envoy was so angry.

How could she lie with such an unblushing face?

When did he challenge her?

And when did he attack her?

How could she just call white black?

Hearing this, the people present, who had been annoyed by the envoy, all echoed.

“Exactly, you challenged Miss Yun first and we can all testify that she is innocent!”

“You wanted to bully Miss Yun because you thought she was just a little girl! But you didn’t expect that she wasn’t a push-over that you couldn’t handle!”

“Tut, the Lanxiang Kingdom’s envoy was so shameless. He bullied a little girl and still has the nerve to say something like this.”

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