Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 928 - Envoys of Another Country (3)

Chapter 928: Envoys of Another Country (3)
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When Ye Tian heard the envoy’s sarcasm, his face turned purple with rage, and his clenched fist kept trembling. He had never been humiliated like this in his life!

Suddenly, a sneer was heard.

Jun Fengling, red-robed with a gallant bearing and in high spirits, walked out slowly. “So this is what Lanxiang Kingdom’s envoys are like. You are just like frogs in a well. In your view, anything you don’t believe is false!”

“What a rude woman!” The envoy got angry and shouted, “I’m talking to Ye Tian. Who are you? You don’t deserve to talk with me!”

Before Jun Fengling responded, Ye Jingchen, who never hesitated to protect his wife, hurriedly stood up and put Jun Fengling behind him.

“She’s my wife and the future mistress of the Ye Family. Now, do you still think she doesn’t deserve to talk with you?”

The envoy gave him a cold stare. “Both of you don’t deserve to talk to me! Only Ye Tian deserves this!”

He looked really arrogant. Obviously, he didn’t take them seriously.

“Brother Ye,” Jun Fengling came out from behind Ye Jingchen, squeezed his hand, smiled at him, and then turned her eyes to the envoy. “As far as I know, you are only a sky-level advanced-rank spirit cultivator?”

Sky-level advanced-rank spirit cultivators were not rare on the continent. The envoy was so arrogant just because he came from the Lanxiang Kingdom.

Likewise, in the Tianyun Kingdom, even a second-class family’s master dared not offend a servant of the Ye Family!

A man leaning against a big tree could enjoy the shade it provided.

The envoy’s eyes darkened. “What are you trying to say?”

“My meaning is simple. My father-in-law is one of the best masters on this continent anyway. But you are just a sky-level spirit cultivator. What makes you believe you deserve to talk with him?”

Jun Fengling raised her eyebrows, her words arrogant and domineering. Just now, the envoy said she didn’t deserve to talk with him. And in an instant, she returned his own words to him.

Sure enough, hearing her words, the envoy looked quite angry, and his eyes were burning with rage.

“Jun Fengling, you’re really bold. I’m the envoy of the Lanxiang Kingdom. How dare you be so rude to me!” He furiously gnashed his teeth.

“Tut tut.”

Jian Chengwen could not bear this envoy any longer and walked out with a sneer, a contemptuous smile on his handsome face.

“The envoy of the Lanxiang Kingdom really knows how to put on airs. As a guest here, how dare you behave so arrogantly? Don’t forget, there is a rule on this continent that no two powers shall fight in private!”

On the Continent of No Return, though some kingdoms were comparatively weak, they hadn’t been annexed by other kingdoms because there was a rule.

If one of these kingdoms aroused public indignation, the other countries could hold a vote, and if the people who voted against the country were more than those who voted for it, they would send their soldiers to hold a punitive expedition against this kingdom.

However, if it turned out just the opposite, no one was allowed to do anything against the kingdom.

If there was any kingdom who dared to disobey the rule, it would be attacked by all the other kingdoms.

Therefore, on this turbulent Continent of No Return, the relationship between the kingdoms was quite peaceful and all the kingdoms just guarded their own territories without conflict.

The envoy smiled contemptuously, “General Jian, when did you see me attack any man of your Tianyun Kingdom? I’m just here to deliver our emperor’s gift. That’s all.”

He didn’t attack anyone; he was only making sarcastic remarks. Besides, the Ye Family didn’t only have Ye Tian, it also had a lot of god-level spirit cultivators. How would he dare to attack anyone here?

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